WTM Community Guidelines


The World Transformation Movement (WTM) encourages contributions and open discussion and debate on our website and social media channels, provided it is respectful, constructive, reliable, relevant and safe. Accordingly, we reserve the right to moderate or decline posts and comments on our website and social media channels that we consider to be:


1. Abusive, offensive or malicious or which constitute harassment or inappropriate provocation of other platform members including swearing, derogatory language, deliberate misinformation and expressions of views that are racist, sexist, homophobic or sexually explicit.


2. Defamatory, unlawful or in violation of privacy or confidentiality.


3. Infringing any other person’s intellectual property rights. Please respect and acknowledge original creators when sharing content.


4. Irrelevant or vexatious, or that contain questions or criticisms already prominently answered or addressed and repudiated on our comprehensive website www.humancondition.com with its many freely available books, essays and FAQs.


5. Seeking personal advice. The WTM cannot provide personal advice and the information it makes available on its website and social media platforms should not be used as, or as a substitute for, professional counselling. See FAQs 1.19 & 3.10 at www.humancondition.com/frequently-asked-questions.


6. Disclosing personal details. These channels are public spaces and we will remove any comments including private information or personal details such as home address, email address or phone number. If you would like to contact the WTM directly please do so via direct message or to [email protected].


7. Promotional material, spam or including irrelevant links. We do not accept advertisements, requests to endorse commercial products or services or to solicit donations.


8. A violation of the social media platform’s terms and conditions.


If you breach these guidelines, we may also block and/or report your account.