Note, if you are familiar with printing and binding documents, you may not need these instructions, but if they are helpful then read them before opening your PDF, and maybe even print them out so you can follow them.

  • Open either the US letter PDF or A4 PDF version of ‘FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition’.
  • Either choose to print the entire book by selecting ‘All’ pages in your print window, or print a particular page-range by putting the page range in the print window;
  • Then, select ‘double-sided’ in the print window (this will halve the thickness of your print-out).
  • Then, for the best result, we recommend printing in colour by selecting ‘colour’ in the print window. If you don’t have a colour printer you can take your downloaded PDF file, using a USB, to your local one-stop print/copy shop and have them print just those pages that contain colour, or the whole file.


  • You can bind it yourself by punching three holes on the edge (a 1-hole wind-down ‘drill’ punch that will go through 125 pages at a time costs approx $US25; a 3-hole punch costs approx $US60) and placing split pins/fasteners/paper binders/spikes through the holes. For thicker books, it is recommended that you fold the flanges of the split pins over toward the spine of the book to allow the pages to open more fully. Finally, stick a strip of strong tape (we use gold coloured ‘cloth tape’) over them and across the spine. See demonstration video below.
  • Or you can bind it professionally by having your local one-stop print/copy shop bind it in plastic coil. We recommend coil binding because the pages are more secure and it allows them to open easily.