WTM FAQ 1.44  What is the source of the mental health epidemic that is crippling countries’ economies? / Don’t ADHD and autism and other mental disorders have genetic or chemical or hormonal causes? / What is the only way to bring an end to the mental health crisis?


In THE Interview it is explained that our instincts in effect criticised and opposed our conscious mind’s necessary search for knowledgeand that the only way to stop this condemning criticism, and thus end the corrupting battle that ensued, was to be able to explain and understand why we had to search for knowledge and defy our instincts in the first place. In Freedom Essay 55: Endgame for the human race, Jeremy Griffith further explains that the longer that search for understanding of ourselves went on, the more psychologically upset angry, alienated and egocentrically selfish, aggressive and competitive the human race became, because each new generation has had to contend with not only the upset from their own experiments in self-management, but all the upset that had already accumulated in the human race.

It was an extremely upset-compounding situation where the longer the search went on for the understanding that would end the criticism from our instincts, the more upset we became. Clearly, if the reconciling understanding wasn’t found and its transforming potential adopted, a crisis point would eventually be reached where unbearable levels of anger, egocentricity and alienation would developand it is precisely that terrifying endgame situation that the human race is now in! With the human condition now becoming completely unbearable, the distress it entails is straining our bodies’ ability to cope to the very limit as well as causing an epidemic of mental illness.

As Jeremy writes in F. Essay 55, ‘it is little wonder there is an epidemic of anxiety-driven, dissociative disorders like obsessive compulsive behaviour, ADHD and autism, and that there is unhappiness-driven excessive food consumption and resulting obesity, and a plague of other physical sicknesses like diabetes and hypertension, and rampant ‘I-can’t-take-it-anymore’ drug addiction. The issue of the unspeakable suffering aside, the medical and welfare costs of caring for the on-rush of psychological exhaustion alone is soon going to cripple countries’ economies.’

A recent report in a leading Australian newspaper bears out Jeremy’s prediction that ‘the medical and welfare costs of caring for the on-rush of psychological exhaustion alone is soon going to cripple countries’. Headlined ‘Brace for a mind storm: Mental health claims soaring’, the newspaper report stated that ‘Workers’ compensation claims for psychological injuries are doubling every four years and experts are warning that employers are staring down the barrel at a ‘mental health’ storm’ (Angira Bharadwaj, The Daily Telegraph, 27 June, 2022).

And Jeremy’s prediction of an autism epidemic is borne out by reports released by America’s National Council of Severe Autism, which state that over the last 35 years [prior to 2021] in California [alone] autism has increased 4,300% (see www.ncsautism.org/blog//relentless-surge-of-autism-in-california). As Jeremy points out in Addendum 1 at the end of his Death by Dogma booklet, California is at the leading edge of the development of psychological upset in the world, so what we see happening there is indicative of what will happen everywhere soon.


Graph showing DDS autism caseload, 1987-2020

Based on data from the California Department of Developmental Services (DDS)


And it is worth noting that another article reporting on this epidemic of autism makes the point that these increases are not the result of better diagnosis or due to genetics (as it is often argued), while highlighting the denial that surrounds autism when it summarised that authorities have ‘still not declared an epidemic nor taken any action to mitigate this crisis’ (see www.cohealthchoice.org/2017/12/21/42000-increase-in-autism-colorados-invisible-epidemic/).

(Note, Jeremy addresses the issue of autism and its causes in chapter 8:16C of FREEDOM.)

Yes, everyone, except Jeremy, is avoiding the issue of the human condition even though its effects are becoming completely unbearable. The blindness of the human race and the need for a denial-free, clear mind like Jeremy’s couldn’t possibly be greater. As the poet William Wordsworth wrote in his great poem Intimations of Immortality: ‘Thou best Philosopher, who yet dost keep / Thy heritage, thou Eye among the blind / That, deaf and silent, read’st the eternal deep / Haunted for ever by the eternal mind / Mighty Prophet! Seer blest! / On whom those truths do rest / Which we are toiling all our lives to find / In darkness lost, the darkness of the grave’ (see F. Essay 31).

Only the denial-free, human-condition-confronting, psychosis-addressing-and-solving explanation of the human condition could bring an end to this mental health epidemic. This is the psychologically redeeming understanding of the human condition that is now desperately needed to avert an unimaginably horrific dystopian end where humans everywhere are writhing and dying in torturous and tumultuous levels of unbearable psychosis, and instead bring about a new world for humans that is free of the human condition.


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