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Transformation Affirmation 4


Genevieve Salter’s Transformation


Freedom Essays 57 & 58 featured biologist Jeremy Griffith re-emphasising how understanding the human condition finally allows the whole human race to be transformed from a horrible human condition-stricken existence to a fabulous life free of all the agony of that state.

What Genevieve Salter will be describing today, and others will be describing throughout this Transformation Affirmation series, is their  particular experience of the exhilaration and wonder of being transformed to a state free of the human condition.


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This video of Genevieve’s Transformation Affirmation (and Transformation Affirmations from other WTM Members) can also be viewed on the WTM’s Transformation Page, and note that there is a ‘Read/​Print Transcript’ button above each affirmation video.


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Before including the transcript of Genevieve’s presentation, this box contains a summary by Jeremy of the transforming situation humans are in.


Now that the great goal of the whole human journey of conscious thought and enquiry has been achieved and we have found understanding of our conflicted and distressed human condition (see THE Interview), all the old retaliatory, defensive and insecure upset behaviours of anger, egocentricity and alienation that we had to employ to cope while we couldn’t defend ourselves with understanding are no longer needed. They are obsoleted, brought to an end. In fact, with this knowledge of the human condition now found, it would be an act of total irresponsibility, indeed madness, to continue down that old, insecure, defensive and destructive competitive, selfish and aggressive road. The truth is, there is nothing in the way now of every human taking up a magnificent, unburdened, human-condition-free, cooperative, selfless and loving transformed life!

Most significantly, this new Transformed Lifeforce State (TLS) and its way of living is fundamentally different to all the previous ways in which we abandoned our upset life and lived instead in accordance with more cooperative and selfless principles. As is described in F. Essay 35, there has been a progression of increasingly dishonest, deluded and dangerous ways of adopting a more cooperative and selfless way of livingfrom religion to socialism/​communism to New Ageism to feminism to environmentalism to politically correct post-modernism to ‘Critical Theory’ and its associated ‘Critical Race Theory’ and ‘Critical Gender Theory’. And as has been explained in great depth throughout F. Essay 35 (which is such a significant essay it has been produced as the standalone booklet titled Death by Dogma: The biological reason why the Left is leading us to extinction, and the solution, which is freely available on our homepage as one of the WTM’s four key books), what was increasingly dishonest, deluded and dangerous about all these movements was that they weren’t just promoted as ways of restraining upset, but as actual solutions to the psychologically upset state of our human condition. As the Adam Stork story in THE Interview is finally able to make clear, we humans had to be prepared to suffer becoming upset angry, egocentric and alienated while we searched for knowledge, ultimately for self-knowledge, the redeeming, reconciling and rehabilitating understanding of our ‘good and evil’ conflicted human condition. Therefore, dogmatic insistence on cooperative and selfless behaviour oppressed the freedom we needed to continue the upsetting search for knowledge. And to claim that dogmatic compliance with cooperative and selfless behaviour was the solution to upset behaviour was pseudo idealistic because real idealism depended on continuing the upsetting search for knowledge until we found the rehabilitating understanding of the human condition. Understanding not dogma was the answer; it was our species’ goal and destiny. However, once that relieving understanding of the human condition was found, as it now has been, this situation fundamentally changes. Suddenly it’s no longer pseudo idealistic to insist on cooperative and selfless behaviour, because the upsetting battle to find understanding of ourselves has been won. So while all previous forms of abandoning our upset life were fundamentally irresponsible and pseudo idealistic, abandoning our upset life is now not only legitimate, it is the only way to live. (As mentioned, F. Essay 35, and its book version, Death by Dogma, explain the immense danger of left-wing dogma. F. Essay 36 then explains how the legitimate transformation that understanding of the human condition makes possible is the only way to save Western civilisation, indeed save humanity. The differences between the Transformed Way of Living and all other previous ways of abandoning our upset life are also fully described in chapters 9:5 and 9:6 of FREEDOM.)

YES, THE IMMENSE EXCITEMENT AND RELIEF OF BEING EFFECTIVELY FREE OF THE HUMAN CONDITIONthe joy and happiness of being liberated from the burden of our insecurities, self-preoccupations and devious strategising; the awesome meaning and power of finally being genuinely aligned with the truth and actually participating in the magic true world; the wonderful empathy and equality of goodness and fellowship that understanding of the human condition now allows us to feel for our fellow humans; the freedom now to effectively focus on repairing the world; and, above all, the radiant aliveness from the optimism that comes with knowing our species’ march through hell has finally ended and that a human-condition-free new world is comingCAN NOW TRANSFORM EVERY HUMAN AND THUS THE WORLD.

From being a human-condition oppressed and depressed alienated person, you and all other humans can now be TRANSFORMED into redeemed, liberated-from-the-human-condition, exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence, empowered, world-transforming LIFEFORCES. This exhilarated, ecstatic, enthralled-with-existence aspect is the ‘Life’ in ‘Lifeforce’, while the empowered, world-transforming aspect is the ‘force’ in ‘Lifeforce’, so LIFEFORCE covers both the personal benefit and the benefit to the world in one word. Such is the Transformed Lifeforce State or TLS!

F. Essay 15 explains how everyone’s lives can now be immediately transformed, while ‘The 4 key Transformation presentations’ on the WTM’s Transformation Page provide a step-by-step description of the transformation process.


The transcript of Genevieve Salter’s transformation


My name is Genevieve Salter, I’m 34 years old [at the time of filming] and I’ve been involved in what was the Foundation for Humanity’s Adulthood (FHA) and is now the WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT (WTM) since I was 17 so that’s a long time, 17 years. I suppose when I first came across these ideas the thing that was just so exciting and thrilling for me was understanding the human condition and for a 17-year-old girl that was so exciting, it was just like being drunk on knowledge all the time and always coming across new concepts and new explanations for things. It was just a really, really, really thrilling time and I suppose the reason I’m saying that is because I’m about to talk about this terrifying issue of self, or terrifying for me anyway, but that initial understanding of the human condition [see THE Interview and Video/​F. Essay 3] was just so exciting and I had a ball discovering all these explanations for the world around me.

My parents were quite religious at that time so the idea that I could understand religion [see F. Essays 35 & 39] and understand God [see F. Essay 23] was just incredible, just so exciting. That’s what I refer to as ‘the human condition without’you’re looking at the world and it’s making sense and you know that you’re in a world full of people that don’t understand the human condition and you have understanding of that and that’s just so exciting. You look at people around you and you can make sense of that and you can make sense of what’s happening in the world and why there is all the greed and selfishness and devastation. So being able to make sense of the human condition without was incredibly relieving. But gradually, as your understanding of the human condition deepens and your brain is continuing to process the logic, the information also makes you look at the human condition within yourself and looking at the human condition within yourself is something that I didn’t really want to have to do. It was really only a friend of mine at the time that encouraged me to sort of hang in there and just settle down and look at this, look at what you’re involved in, which I did.

The fundamental thing for me is that I knew that Jeremy Griffith had solved the human condition, that these ideas made sense of everything that I can see around me and so I know from that he is coming off a selfless base, from a base of trying to help humanity and therefore me and from there I could absorb the realities of who I am. As I said, I was 17 or 18 years old and I’m a woman so I have my version of the human condition. My resigned strategy to life that I took up was fundamentally, I guess, about reinforcement for my object self. Jeremy explains in chapter 8:11B of FREEDOM [see also F. Essay 26 & 27 for an introduction to this topic] why women rely on men’s attention and reinforcement for their sense of meaning and that reinforcement was a very important and preoccupying thing for me and it ruled my whole world. I know I had a lot of pain in my childhood and that’s not to say that my parents didn’t love me as much as they could given the realities of the human condition, that’s just a reality of growing up with the human condition but knowing that you’re just a part of this two million year journey and you have your version of the human condition just like everybody else does, and you’re defended in that, means you no longer have to live through those forms of superficial reinforcement in order to prove your self worth because this information does that for you. It explains that humans are good and that means me too and that was an incredibly relieving realisation and it lead to an incredible Transformation [see F. Essay 15 on the Transformed State]. I remember feeling that sense of freedom and no longer having to just live for reinforcement, to prove my self worth and the feeling of relief, of no longer having to live like that anymore and then almost instantaneously at the same time being drenched in this feeling of excitement about the potential of this information for the future and what it can do for the world. If I can be free of that need and preoccupation to prove myself, then what does that mean for the rest of humanity? And if you’re not preoccupied with yourself you’ve got so much energy and room inside yourself and love to help dedicate to the planet and to humanity and to getting other people to understand these ideas and that just instantly becomes your focus.

I want people to understand and know about these ideas, I want to be able to help support these ideas so that they get to the rest of the world and that means a future free of the human condition and that is just such an exciting concept. So living for that future is really all I do, that’s what my life’s about and it’s all I care about and it’s just so exciting and fulfilling and meaningful. So coming from a completely lost, hurt, alienated, attention-seeking little girl, to someone that’s so excited about the future and has a meaningful life and feels like they can contribute to something real and that knows herself I suppose is so exciting. But the main thing for me is that future potential, that freedom that humans have got to look forward to now.


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Watch Jeremy Griffith present the breakthrough redeeming explanation of the human condition in THE Interview; for a fuller explanation read chapter 3 of FREEDOM; and for a summary presentation of the key ‘instinct vs intellect’ explanation watch Video/​F. Essay 3. You can also read much more on the transformation made possible by the explanation of the human condition in Part 3 of Transform Your Life And Save The World, or chapter 9 of FREEDOM.

We also recommend The Shock Of Change that understanding the human condition brings that addresses how to manage the great shock that inevitably occurs in this fabulous transformation from having to depend on our now obsoleted, artificial, angry, egocentric and alienating forms of reinforcement, to living free of them.


Discussion or comment on this Transformation Affirmation is welcomedsee below.




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