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Freedom Essay 57


The Magnificence of the Transformed State –
Video 1


By Jeremy Griffith, filmed in 2011


Having just emphasised in Freedom Essay 55: Endgame for the human race the dire straits the human race is in, it is important to finish this section of the Freedom Essay serieswhich is the section that addresses the question ‘Do we fail or do we make it?’on the all-exciting, world-saving positive note of the ability now for every human to be transformed to a human-condition-free existence.

While the Transformed State was described in F. Essays 15, 32, 33 & 36, these two videos/​essays (57 & 58) appropriately end this section with Jeremy describing the absolute magnificence and excitement of the Transformed State that is on offer for all humans now that the human condition is solved.

I should mention that following the main Freedom Essay series there are many inspiring Transformation Affirmations of the Transformed State.


The great awakening of the human race is on! We humans have, in truth, all been asleep, owned by so much pain and suffering. Certainly we are going to be in shock for a little while absorbing the realisation that we have finally won our freedom from the agony of the human conditionbut it’s on, the great awakening, the rising up of the human race from its deep slumber!



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The Transcript of this video


I want to begin this presentation about membership by restating the fabulous situation you, and all other humans, are now in.

I’ve just got to begin by playing some of Jerry Lee Lewis’ Long Tall Sally from his famous 1964 performance at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany, which ‘many music journalists…​regard…​as one of the…​greatest rock and roll concert[s]…​ever’ (Wikipedia 2011).

[Music plays]

I know that such excitement and happiness may seem insensitive to all the suffering in the world, but this joy and enthusiasm is not out of place because ‘the cavalry is coming’well, that is the phrase used in ‘Cowboys and Indians’ folklore; in more contemporary ‘Star Wars’ terms, ‘the Force’ is with useverything is possible now, help is on its way to every person in every corner of the world. Love has come to the world in its absolute purest form, namely as relieving understanding. We humans are free now of the agony of the human condition. Everyone in every situation and predicament can now rise up as radiant new beings from their corpse-like state. A great rising up of humans will now occur across the world. Everyone is now able to come back to lifeto wake up from a human-condition-afflicted torpor and look outwards and see each other and the world for the first time, and move across and help each other, and do anything and everything that needs doing to end the suffering and pain that plagues this planet.

The great awakening of the human race is on! We humans have, in truth, all been asleep, owned by so much pain and suffering. Certainly we are going to be in shock for a little while absorbing the realisation that we have finally won our freedom from the agony of the human conditionbut it’s on, the great awakening, the rising up of the human race from its deep slumber.

From the festering, stalled state it has been in for far too long, waiting for these liberating understandings of the human condition, the human race is finally on its way. What does Doug Lobban say in his Transformation Affirmation? ‘I’ve got this image of marching straight forward with incredible purpose, straight out of a massive swamp into long green grass with flowers and butterflies and sunshine, and never ever looking back, just keep marching forward. Everyone together, we are going to have so much fun.’ (You can watch or read Doug’s testimonial in Transformation Affirmation 10.) Yes, the door is wide open and sunlight is now streaming into our world. We can all wake up now; we can all break out of our chrysalis, our human-condition-afflicted straitjacket, where we have been constrained, letting the wings of our great potential unfold in the sunshine of relieving understanding to reveal the fabulously beautiful creatures we really are.

As explained in F. Essay 21 and chapter 5 of FREEDOM, our species’ original, natural instinctive state is to be cooperative, selfless and loving. We have a cooperative, loving, instinctive, moral soul, which means that serving others is our original, innate, natural inclination, but this instinctive aspect of ourselves has had to be ruthlessly oppressed by our conscious intellect because of its naive, unjust criticism of our conscious mind’s search for knowledgebut thankfully with the explanation of the human condition presented in THE Interview and Video/​F. Essay 3 our intellect has been championed, soul and intellect are at last reconciled and so that horrible and tragic situation is now over, which means our original, natural, soulful, true self can re-emerge. Behaving selflessly is our natural inclination. It’s a capacity that has been sitting inside us waiting for the time when it could be liberated, which has at last arrived.

This amazing situation will, at first, seem a little odd because it has taken such a long time, two million years in fact, to get to this point where we could genuinely abandon the upsetting battle that the human race has been involved in and let our unconditionally selfless, all-loving soulful, true selves free. So it does take a little bit of effort to let go of our habituated but now obsoleted egocentric, must-prove-ourselves, power-fame-fortune-and-glory-seeking way of living and bring the incredibly loving side of ourselves to the fore. However, it’s really not that difficult a step to take. Once a few people discover this amazingly free, alive, all-meaningful, sensitive-to-and-aware-of-everything-for-the-first-time-in-our-lives Transformed Lifeforce Way of Livinga discovery that has already occurred in the WTM as all the Transformation Affirmations by members evidence (see​#transformation-affirmations)it will catch on and spread like wildfire. As the Jesuit priest and scientist Teilhard de Chardin recognised: ‘The Truth has to only appear once…​for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze’ (Let Me Explain, 1966; tr. René Hague & others, 1970, p.159 of 189).

It’s on, humanity is coming homeour real self is going to come thundering through to the forefront now and the world will open up for everyone, and everyone will help everyone else. We CAN leave our old ego-embattled lives behind now and metamorphose into free, empowered lifeforce beings.

This is not some dream I’m having; I haven’t lost my mental marbles or something. It’s 100% dinky-di, true-blue, fair-dinkum, solid-gold, ice-diamond-real what I’m saying. WE ARE FREE NOW.

Listen to Jerry Lee again! [Short burst of music plays.]

I’ll tell you something: when I had my furniture business I lived near a country town where there was a large Seventh-Day Adventist Christian community. Living for their faith rather than for themselves, and selflessly supporting and helping each other, and working together, it was amazing how functional and successful they were [see F. Essays 35 & 39 for an explanation of religion]. I think they ran most of the successful businesses in town and owned a lot of the real estateand yet, the overall situation in the valley where the town was located was, like everywhere else in the world, essentially sad and lonely, with ‘the good old boys’ of the town huddled together in pubs drowning their angst with alcohol and betting on horseraces to try to get a win for their embattled egos, with their unhappy, obese women folk at home screaming at the kids, and in the streets just dust and sparrows. Well, imagine you’re in that valley walking around those depressed streets, where, sure, there is a group of Seventh-Day Adventists defying the great oppressive shadow of life under the duress of the human condition by getting together and being selfless and thus to some degree functional, but basically life for humans is still all drab and depressedand then you look up towards the skyline and you see something absolutely amazing coming towards you. From one end of the horizon to the other an army in its millions appears of transformed, human-condition-liberated, empowered people living for each other and for the worldbecause their old egocentric existence has finally been understood and thus obsoleted, put away forever, gone, done-its-job, finished with. [You can read more about Jeremy’s vision in F. Essay 51.]

The point is, in all the false starts to a human-condition-free world (and they were ‘false starts’ because the upsetting battle to find liberating understanding of the human condition still had to continue), such as in the communal functionality of the Seventh-Day Adventist community, or in the example I mentioned in par. 1202 of FREEDOM of the functionality of Ned Flanders’ Christian life compared to Homer Simpson’s embattled one, we can see the rudiments, the prototype, of the huge potential of the selfless, ego-eliminated Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living. There have been many examples of the cooperative, amazingly functional way of living in all the false starts to a new world for humans that have been occurring regularly throughout history (humanity has certainly been chaffing at the bit to get to the new world!), but it is only now that the upsetting battle to find liberating understanding of the human condition has been won that the human race as a whole leaves the old individualistic, egocentric, power-fame-fortune-and-glory-seeking way of living. It is only now that we are going to see the true power of all-out and all-pervading selfless communalism come into being. [F. Essay 35 is the definitive presentation of what is wrong with these pseudo idealistic false starts, and is such a significant essay it has also been produced as the standalone booklet titled Death by Dogma: The biological reason why the Left is leading us to extinction, and the solution, which is freely available on our homepage as one of the WTM’s four key books.]

Again, this vision I’ve described of the liberation of the whole human race from the horror of the self-obsessed, must-prove-our-worth, egocentric way of living is not some mad dream I’m havingit is a vision, a hope and faith that the whole of the human race has firmly held onto since our journey to overcome ignorance about our true worth as humans first began some two million years ago! As I have mentioned before [again, see F. Essay 51], in the Bible the prophet Joel perfectly articulated the vision of our species’ liberation from the human condition when he said, ‘Like dawn spreading across the mountains a large and mighty army comes, such as never was of old nor ever will be in ages to come…​Before them the land is like the garden of Eden, behind them, a desert wastenothing escapes them. They have the appearance of horses; they gallop along like cavalry. With a noise like that of chariots…​like a mighty army…​They all march in line, not swerving from their course. They do not jostle each other’ (Joel 2).

The exact same vision of our species’ liberation from the human condition and the emergence of an amazingly cooperative, loving, selfless, functional, empowered, nothing-is-too-difficult new world was also given by the prophet Isaiah when he said: ‘He lifts up a banner [that is, the human race finds understanding] for the distant nations, he whistles for those at the ends of the earth. Here they come, swiftly and speedily! Not one of them grows tired or stumbles, not one slumbers or sleeps; not a belt is loosened at the waist, not a sandal thong is broken. Their arrows are sharp, all their bows are strung; their horses’ hoofs seem like flint, their chariot wheels like a whirlwind. Their roar is like that of the lion, they roar like young lions; they growl as they seize their prey and carry it off with no-one to rescue. In that day they will roar over it like the roaring of the sea [there will be immense excitement, enthusiasm and commitment] (Isa. 5:2630).

And the same vision appears in the Irish band U2’s songs: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (1987), where he sang, ‘I believe in the Kingdom Come when all the colours will bleed into one’; and in Where The Streets Have No Name (1987), which says, We’re beaten and blown by the wind, trampled in dust. [But] I’ll show you a place, high on a [uncorrupted] desert plain, where the streets have no name…​Then there will be no toil or sorrow, then there will be no time of pain’; and in When Love Comes To Town (1987), which includes the lines, ‘I was a sailor, I was lost at sea, I was under the waves…​But I did what I did before love [truth/​understanding] came to town…​I’ve seen love [truth] conquer the great divide [between ‘good and evil’]…​When love comes to town I’m gonna jump that train’because, as the singer-songwriter Cat Stevens foresaw (in his 1971 song Peace Train), ‘out on the edge of darkness there rides a peace train’ that has at last arrived to ‘take’ us ‘home again’.

The Australian rock band Hunters and Collectors’ 1993 song Holy Grail perfectly described the vision of humanity’s liberation: ‘Woke up this morning from the strangest dream, I was in the biggest army the world had ever seen, we were marching as one on the road to the Holy Grail [to liberating understanding]. Started out seeking fortune and glory, it’s a short song but it’s a hell of a story, when you spend your lifetime trying to get your hands, on the Holy Grail. Well have you heard about the Great Crusade? We ran into millions but nobody got paid [selfless cooperation replaced selfish greed], yeah we razed four corners of the globe for the Holy Grail. All the locals scattered, they were hiding in the snow. We were so far from home, so how were we to know there’d be nothing left to plunder when we stumbled on the Holy Grail?’ [For many more prophetic songs, see F. Essay 45.]

The vision, the hope, the faith, the belief in humanity’s eventual liberation from the human condition has existed within us all since time immemorialand all the false starts to that fabulous future that have been occurring throughout history serve to reveal just how much humanity has hungered for its arrival. They also serve to show how gloriously functional an ego-less existence for humans is going to be. The apostle St Paul gave possibly the best sales pitch ever for Christianity when he compared Christianity (where deferment to the embodiment of the ideals in Christ made you feel you were good or ‘righteous’) with the previous best way of coping with the upset state of the human condition, which was Moses’ Ten Commandments (where you restrained your upsets out of fear of punishment). St Paul said, ‘Now if the ministry that brought death, which was engraved in letters on stone, came with glory [glorious because those laws restrained excessive upset and by so doing brought society back from the brink of destruction]…​fading though it was [there was no sustaining positive in having discipline imposed on you], will not the ministry of the Spirit be even more glorious? If the ministry that condemns men is glorious, how much more glorious is the ministry that brings righteousness! For what was glorious has no glory now in comparison with the surpassing glory’ (2 Cor. 3:711). [For more on St Paul and Christianity, see F. Essay 39.] Well, if religion was an infinitely more ‘glorious’ way of living to living out of fear of punishment, the new ‘surpassing glory’ to religion of the Transformed Lifeforce Way of Living, which the ending of the battle to find understanding of the human condition brings, is so wonderful, so ‘glorious’ that it is completely beyond comparison with any way of living conscious humans have ever experienced. The ‘glory’ that comes to the human race now is unimaginably excitingwell, what did Beethoven’s symphony say? ‘Joy’, ‘Joyful, as a hero to victory!’, ‘Join in our jubilation!’, ‘We enter, drunk with fire, into your sanctuary…​Your magic reunites…​All men become brothers…​All good, all bad…​Be embraced, millions! This kiss for the whole world!’ (see par. 1049 of FREEDOM).

So the message is clear: become a WORLD TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT member and ‘Join in our jubilation!’don’t miss out on the most exciting event in the history of the world!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Video 2 of Jeremy’s presentation on the magnificence of the Transformed State will be presented in the next F. Essay 58. For further reading on the transformation made possible by the explanation of the human condition, we recommend you read Part 3 of Transform Your Life And Save The World, or chapter 9 of FREEDOM, or F. Essay 15. There are also ‘The 4 key presentations on how to become Transformed’ on the WTM’s Transformation Page, which provide a step-by-step description of the transformation process.

As mentioned, following the main Freedom Essay series there are many inspiring Transformation Affirmations of the Transformed State.


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