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Freedom Essay 36


Saving Western civilisation
from the religion of left-wing dogma


The previous Freedom Essay 35 spelt out the extreme danger, firstly, of the left-wing’s use of the false ‘savage instincts’ excuse to justify the dogmatic imposition of ‘good’ or ‘correct’ cooperative and loving behaviour on our species’ supposedlybut not trulycompetitive and aggressive unchangeable instincts. It then goes on to explain Marxist-based Critical Theory, which holds that we just have some basic instinctive needs such as for sex, food, shelter and clothing, but that we are essentially born a ‘blank slate’ in terms of having instincts influencing our behaviour, and that it is societal pressures that cause selfish behaviour, which again, justifies the dogmatic imposition of cooperative, ‘communalistic’ behaviour. (F. Essay 35 is the definitive presentation of what is wrong with the left-wing, and is so significant it has also been produced as the standalone book titled Death by Dogma: The biological reason why the Left is leading us to extinction, and the solution, which is freely available on our homepage, as one of the WTM’s six key books.)

What this essay presents is a powerful 2-part video in which Jeremy Griffith firstly focuses on explaining how the truthful biological explanation of the human condition saves Western civilisation from the religion of left-wing dogma, and then, secondly, on how understanding the human condition brings the REAL start to a transformed world through the psychological redemption, reconciliation and rehabilitation of the lives of all humans.


  • Part 1 The extremely dangerous politically correct
    false start.

  • Part 2 The exciting, human-condition-resolved,
    REAL start.


The Transcripts of these videos


PART 1 Saving Western civilisation from the religion of left-wing dogma  (filmed in Sydney, 29 September 2017)


Jeremy: There is presently in the world an extremely dangerous movement that is trying to impose a culture of politically correct dogma on everyone. I need to explain how this politically correct movement is a false start to a human-condition-free world, whereas what we are presenting is the human-condition-resolved, TRUE and REAL start to a cooperative and loving, ideal, ‘correct’ world.

So Part 1 of this talk is about this extremely dangerous politically correct false start, and Part 2 will be about the all-exciting, human-condition-resolved, real start.


To evidence this concern about the PC movement and its culture, how it’s taking over the world, and the great danger of it, I want to quote from some articles that have appeared in just the last four days in The Australian newspaper, today being Friday 29 September 2017.

On Monday (25 Sep. 2017) an article appeared by Jennifer Oriel titled, ‘Political Correctness is closing Australian minds’ (see Its subtitle reads ‘Free speech is under hostile attack’. To quote some extracts from the article: ‘the politically correct…foster[s] totalitarian beliefs’, ‘half of undergraduate students [now] think it is acceptable to silence speech they feel is upsetting’, PC populism is fostering a culture hostile to…the core principles of liberal democracy…such as free thought and political diversity’, and ‘The closing of the Western mind has left the liberal foundations of democracy in a state of disrepair’. Oriel acknowledges that the term ‘closing of the Western mind’ comes from Allan Bloom’s bestselling 1987 book The Closing of the American Mind.

On Tuesday (26 Sep. 2017) there was an article by Matt Ridley titled ‘Blazing Saddles a dim memory as society enters a new dark age’, reproduced from UK newspaper The Times (see, which says, ‘The enforcement of dogma is happening everywhere’, ‘We are witnessing the sabotage of the core principles of a free society’, ‘There’s an almost religious quality to many of the protests’, and Ridley refers to ‘virtue signalling [which is signalling how virtuous you are], written with the sanctimonious purity of a Red Guard during China’s Cultural Revolution’, and to the present ‘safe-space, trigger warning culture’, saying that ‘maybe the entire world is heading into a great endarkenment’. He ends by saying ‘the intolerance of dissent in Western universities and the puritanical hectoring of social media give grounds for concern that the flowering of freedom in the past several centuries may come under threat. We have a fight on our hands.’ So these are expressions of deep concern.

On Wednesday (27 Sep. 2017) an article written by Jeremy Sammut titled ‘Identity politics takes us back to the shame culture’ (see says, ‘It has become a secular sin to harbour anything seen as resembling sexist, racist or homophobic views’, and refers to a ‘growing political revolt against political correctness’. So these articles reveal that there is a groundswell of concern about this tsunami of PC obsessiveness.

And on Thursday (28 Sep. 2017) an article by Greg Sheridan titled ‘Politics of identity is bringing America to its knees(see says, ‘Liberals have been on a relentless mission to transform people’s soulsto rid them of impure ideas about race and sexuality’, and ‘the demands of identity politics are irrational and never-ending…the more it feels the need of that rush of acknowledgment and credit based on identity alone.’

So, yes, ‘we have a fight on our hands’ to stop ‘the closing of the Western mind’, actually the human mind, from the religion-like enforcement of politically correct dogmaand these last four days of articles in Australia’s national newspaper, The Australian, evidence the concern that’s growing out there.

I now want to play a short extract from a discussion that took place only the day before yesterday (26 Sep. 2017, shown here on Wed) between two very famous Fox News journalists in America, the Irish Americans Bill O’Reilly (who has now left Fox) and Sean Hannitythey are talking about their concern for the future of the human race from the threat of left-wing dogma.


Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, 27 September 2017


In the clip O’Reilly says, ‘Hannity and I are going fishing, and when we’re out there fishing we’re going to work this out. There has to be now, there has to be an exposition by people like you and me about what’s really happening in this country because it’s dangerous. They want to take freedom of speech away from their opponents, “they” meaning the far left.’ Hannity replied, I contend that the future of this country is at stake in ways we don’t know and if they’re successful in taking out this President [Donald Trump], O’Reilly interrupts: ‘or this network [Fox], for this is the only network [that is standing against the fanaticism of this religion of dogma]. This is it, if this network goes they win.’

Yes, Fox News is pretty well the last network standing against the on-rush of ‘the religion’ of PC dogma. These men are probably the foremost right-wing television commentators in the world, the most visible ones, and these two stand-out heroes of the human journey to enlightenment are expressing this concernconcluding that the world needs an exposition…about what’s really happening because ‘the future of’ the world IS at stake’.

So yes, someone has got to get to the very bottom of the problem of left-wing dogma and finally explain what exactly it is that is so incredibly dangerous about itand since only we have understanding of the human condition it is up to us at the World Transformation Movement to supply that all-clarifying exposition. So we’ve got this inside knowledge of understanding of the human condition. There is an overwhelming concern in the world about the rise of PC dogma and there needs to be an ‘exposition’, an exposé, of what’s so dangerous about it. So we should be able to supply that exposition. So that’s what I’m going to do right now.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I want to begin by looking closely at what Sir Bob Geldof said when he officiated at the launch of my book FREEDOM at the Royal Geographical Society in London last year, the transcript of which appears in the booklet Transform Your Life And Save The World (TYL), which is a concise summary of the contents of FREEDOM (see​transform-your-life-and-save-the-world).

On page 11 we see Geldof saying, ‘We’re not all going to turn into people who are hugging each other Jeremy because we’re all competitive by nature. The question is how do we relieve ourselves from these unchangeable competitive, selfish and aggressive primal instincts in us?’

As I said to Sir Bob when he said this, ‘Yes, I know that virtually everyone has been subscribing to the idea that humans have a ‘competitive’ and ‘aggressive’ animal heritage, that the human race has savage genetic, ‘primal instincts’ that we are born with and we therefore can’t changethe idea that we humans are competitive, aggressive and selfish because we supposedly have instincts that compel us to ruthlessly compete for food, shelter, territory and a mate in order to reproduce our genes, just as other animals do.’

The everyday description of this view is that ‘It’s just human nature to be competitive and aggressive, and so there will always be bad people, wars, murders, inequality and so on, and that the meaning of life is just to try as best we can to manage those supposedly innate, unchangeable dark, primal aspects of our make-up.’ Our conversations are saturated with this excuse for our behaviour, with comments like: ‘We are programmed by our genes to try to dominate others and be a winner in the battle of life’; and ‘Our preoccupation with sexual conquest is due to our primal instinct to sow our seeds’; and ‘Men behave abominably because their bodies are flooded with must-reproduce-their-genes-promoting testosterone’; and ‘We want a big house because we are innately territorial’; and ‘Fighting and war is just our animal nature expressing itself’; and ‘Religions are merely manifestations of our survival-driven group mentality’.

What did your mother say the other day, Tony, when you started talking to her about the human condition?


Tony: Yes, she said something like, ‘What you’re doing at the WTM is all very admirable and idealistic, but you can’t change people, change human nature, there’s always going to be good and bad and you’ve just got to do the best you can to make as good a life as you can, and contribute to society as much as you can.’


Jeremy: So she’s espousing this principle that nearly everyone has got in their head, which is that the reason we’re competitive and aggressive is that we need to reproduce our genes, that we suffer from the equivalent of the animal condition. That that’s where our competitiveness, anger and aggression is coming from, it’s innate, we’re born with it. Our distant ancestors were, supposedly, competitive, brutish and aggressive like that, and those instincts are sabotaging our lives and we’ve got to try to manage them: ‘You can’t change human nature, you’ve just got to try to manage it’.

So people do subscribe to the view that we have innate savage instincts, and that the meaning of life is to try as best we can to manage them. And that’s what Sir Bob Geldof was getting at when he said, ‘The question is how do we relieve ourselves from these unchangeable competitive, selfish and aggressive primal instincts in us?’, because if we do have savage instincts then, as Sir Bob is implying, we have no choice other than to dogmatically impose cooperative and loving behaviour on those supposedly ‘unchangeable competitive, selfish and aggressive primal instincts’.

And I would agree with Sir Bob that it makes perfect sense that if we do have ‘unchangeable’, innate ‘competitive, selfish and aggressive primal instincts’ that the answer to his question of ‘how do we relieve ourselves’ of them is the left-wing’s philosophywhich Sir Bob is basically defendingof dogmatically imposing ‘good’, ‘correct’, cooperative and loving behaviour on our supposedly ‘unchangeable competitive, selfish and aggressive primal instincts’.

BUTAND THIS IS AN ALL IMPORTANT ‘BUT’as I explained to Sir Bob, and as is recorded in TYL, the ‘savage instincts’ explanation can’t be the real reason for our competitive, selfish and aggressive behaviour because firstly, we humans have cooperative, selfless and loving moral instincts, the voice or expression of which within us is our conscienceas Charles Darwin recognised, ‘The moral sense perhaps affords the best and highest distinction between man and the lower animals’ (see par. 375 of FREEDOM). And to have acquired our altruistic moral instinctive nature, our distant ancestors must have been cooperative, selfless and loving, not competitive, selfish and aggressive like other animals (and, as is explained in chapter 5 of FREEDOM [and in F. Essay 21], we acquired this cooperative, loving nature through nurturing. The bonobo, formerly known as the pygmy chimpanzee, provides a living example of a species who are achieving this utterly cooperative state through nurturing, as evidenced in chapter 5:6 of FREEDOM and summarised in Part 1 of TYL).

[Note, while what is provided in these bracketed paragraphs is not yet included in the video of this F. Essay 36, I need to clarify that in order to counter the selfishness-justifying, individualistic, right-wing assertions that we humans are naturally selfish because we have entirely selfish, savage, ‘survival of the fittest’, must-reproduce-our-genes instincts (which we actually don’t have because we have nurtured entirely unconditionally selfless moral instincts), the Left developed equally dishonest selflessness-emphasising, communalistic theories that maintain that while we do have some selfish, savage, ‘survival of the fittest’, must-reproduce-our-genes instincts, we also have some selfless instincts derived from situations where supposedly cooperation proved a more successful survival strategy than competition (see the previous F. Essay 35, and its book version, Death by Dogma). In fact, this so-called ‘group selection’ theory for the existence of cooperative instincts within us is false biology because of ‘the tendency of each group to quickly lose its altruism through natural selection favoring cheaters [selfish, opportunistic individuals](The New York Times, 9 Sep. 2011), as the biologist Jerry Coyne pointed out. It was only the extended nurturing of our infants that could overcome genetic selfishness and develop unconditionally selfless behaviour.

Further, as was also explained in the previous F. Essay 35 (and its book version, Death by Dogma), left-wing theorists also came up with a dishonest explanation for why our supposed selfish instincts came to dominate our selfless instincts. They claimed that following the advent of agriculture settlements that allowed for the accumulation of possessions, the desire and competition for these led to the supposed selfish side of our nature overriding the selfless side of us such that greed and warfare and domination by the more powerful took over human life.

In the case of the left-wing political theorist Karl Marx, he maintained that we only have some basic instinctive needs such as for sex, food, shelter and clothing, and that essentially we are born a ‘blank slate’ in terms of having instincts influencing our behaviour, and as a result he maintained that our mind can be inscribed at will! While I explain a lot more in F. Essay 35 and Death by Dogma about how Marx and Marxist-based Critical Theory abandons science altogether, what I say here in this presentation is broadly accurate across both left and right-wing ideologieswhich is that while the Left presents different but equally dishonest explanations for human behaviour to the Right, the prevailing dishonest belief in both ideologies is that savage, must-reproduce-our-genes, selfish instincts are controlling our lives.]

So one key point I made in TYL about the savage instincts excuse is that we have cooperative, selfless and loving moral instincts, not savage instincts as right-wing biologists assert, or a combination of some savage instincts and some cooperative instincts as left-wing biologists maintain.

The other fundamental point I made in explaining why the ‘savage instincts’ explanation can’t be the real reason for our competitive, selfish and aggressive behaviour is because descriptions of human behaviour, such as egocentric, arrogant, inspired, depressed, deluded, pessimistic, optimistic, artificial, hateful, cynical, mean, immoral, brilliant, guilt-ridden, evil, psychotic, neurotic, alienated, etc, all recognise the involvement of our species’ unique fully conscious thinking mindthat there is a psychological dimension to our behaviour. Humans have suffered not from the genetic-opportunism-based, non-psychological animal condition, but the conscious-mind-based, PSYCHOLOGICALLY troubled HUMAN CONDITION (see par. 40 of FREEDOM). And, most importantly, psychosis can be healed with understanding, so our psychologically upset human nature IS CHANGEABLE, NOT UNCHANGEABLE.

So saying our behaviour results from having competitive, selfish and aggressive instincts like other animals simply doesn’t stack up, it is not true; it’s just an excuse, but, as I will now explain, and as I explain in Part 1 of TYL, it’s been an extremely necessary excuse while we couldn’t explain our psychologically troubled human condition. We had to come up with some excuse, and the ‘savage instincts’ excuse is one we came up with. We looked around and thought, ‘animals are ruthlessly competing for mating opportunities and tearing each other’s throats out, we’ll use that excuse for why we’re ruthless and brutal’. It was an obvious excuse to use.

Yes, as was pointed out in F. Essay 20, what is so special about this booklet TYL is that it explains that having once lived in a nurtured cooperative and loving paradise, and then, as the Adam Stork story explains, we became conscious and everything fell apartwe became angry, egocentric and alienated. [The ‘Adam Stork story’ is an analogy that illustrates what happens when consciousness emerged in the presence of pre-established instinctssee THE Interview and Video/​F. Essay 3.] If that is what happened then we need to walk a mile in the shoes of our deeper thoughtswe need to think about that: how guilty would we have felt when we became fully conscious and seemingly destroyed that wonderful Eden?

Clearly we have been incredibly guilt-ridden, and without the real explanation of our corrupted, ‘fallen’, innocence-destroyed statethe explanation for how we could be good when, seemingly, we’d turned into evil monsterswe had no choice but to come up with some excuse to defend ourselveshence our adoption of the patently false excuse that we have savage instincts like other animals. As I point out in Part 1 of TYL, it was an absolutely brilliant excuse because instead of our instincts being all-loving and thus unbearably condemning of our present non-loving state, they were made out to be vicious and brutal; and, instead of our conscious mind being the cause of our corruptionour fall from grace, our departure from innocenceit was made out to be the blameless, ‘had-to-do-the-best-we-could’, mediating ‘hero’ for having to manage those supposed vicious instincts within us! What did Tony’s mother say: ‘there’s always going to be good and bad and you’ve just got to do the best you can’. Rather than our instincts being good and our conscious mind bad because it, in effect, caused this corruption of our original innocent state, which is the true description, our instincts were made out to be bad and our intellect to be good, which, while fabulously relieving, was, in effect, a complete reverse of the truth lie! (see also par. 153 of FREEDOM).

The ‘savage instincts’ excuse got us out of jail, it made us feel good. So if we think about how astronomically guilt-ridden we conscious humans must have been, having seemingly destroyed paradise, which is this cooperative loving state that bonobos are living on the threshold of, then how desperate must we have been to come up with some excuse. So it just makes total sense that we looked around and said, ‘animals are competing and tearing each other’s throat’s out and that’s why we behave like that’. But it’s a reverse of the truth lie. Our instincts are actually cooperative and loving, not competitive and aggressive.

So we’ve all been taught this ‘savage instincts’ excuse in school, and we’ve grown up with this excuse, and everyone bandies it around saying ‘human nature is unchangeable, we are the way we are, we’re all mad and competitive and aggressive because we’ve got this animal history in us’, and yet the truth is that humans have a cooperative, selfless and loving moral nature. One of the greatest questions in biology has been to try to explain how we acquired our unconditionally selfless, altruistic, moral nature, and that mystery of mysteries is solved in F. Essay 21it was through nurturing. The problem with this truth about nurturing creating our moral nature is that it’s highly condemning because since this upset battle emerged, no child has received the amount of nurturing its instincts expect and parents feel ashamed about that so the nurturing, true explanation for the origin of our altruistic moral nature has been denied. It has been said that ‘parents would rather admit to being an axe murderer than a bad mother or father’, and it’s true: the importance of nurturing in the development of humanity and in our own lives is a truth we have not been prepared to admit.

Brilliant an excuse as it was, we do all in truth know that we suffer from a conscious-mind-based, PSYCHOLOGICALLY troubled HUMAN CONDITION, not a genetic-opportunism-based, non-psychological animal conditionand we do in truth all know that what we need to solve our psychologically troubled, corrupted, ‘fallen’-from-innocence human condition is understanding because only knowledge, understanding, can heal a psychosis. When the great psychoanalyst Carl Jung said, as he often did, that ‘wholeness for humans depends on the ability to own [understand] our own shadow [the dark side of our nature], he was expressing the recognition that we all in truth are aware of, which is that we humans suffer from a psychological condition which we can, and have to, heal through understanding.

And, most significantly, understanding is the opposite of unquestioning dogmain fact, the imposition of dogma oppresses and inhibits the search for knowledge, ultimately for self-knowledge, understanding of the human condition. So dogma is incredibly dangerousit stifles freedom of expression, as all the quotes I read earlier from The Australian newspaper recognise and express concern about.

As explained and emphasised in Video/​F. Essay 14 & F. Essay 34 and in particular in F. Essay 35 and its book version, Death by Dogmawhich are all about the danger of this politically correct pseudo idealismwe are conscious beings; which means we need brain food, not brain anaesthetic. De-braining ourselves was never going to work. We need understanding, answers to all the questions we have about being a human, especially explanation of our ‘fallen’ human condition. Ultimately, the imposition of oppressive dogma would destroy us, block any chance of us finding enlightenment, it would mean ‘death by dogma’ for the human race!


Collage of images representing religion, communism, new age, gender equality, environmentalism and post-modernism

F. Essay 35 and its book version, Death by Dogma, describe the progression that has taken place over
the last 200 years to increasingly dishonest, escapist, deluded and dangerous forms of pseudo idealism


So Karl Marx, the political theorist whose mid-nineteenth century ideas gave rise to socialism and communism, was wrong when he said that ‘The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is [not to understand the world but] to change it’ (Theses on Feuerbach, 1845). By ‘change it’ Marx meant just make it cooperative or social or communal, but he was wrong. The whole ‘point’ and responsibility of being a conscious being is to understand our world and place in it, ultimately to find understanding of our psychologically upset and corrupted human condition.

Ours is a psychologically troubled conditiona psychosisand understanding can heal a psychosis, so we need understanding, which is the opposite of mindless, blind dogma. In fact, dogma oppresses the search for knowledge, so Marx was wrong.

Forty-four years ago at the very end of his hugely successful 13-part television series and book of the same name, The Ascent of Man, the science historian Jacob Bronowski spoke the truth when he said, ‘I am infinitely saddened to find myself suddenly surrounded in the west by a sense of terrible loss of nerve, a retreat from knowledge into – into what? Into…​falsely profound questions [and other dishonesties that don’t]…​lie along the line of what we are now able to know if we devote ourselves to it: an understanding of man himself. We are nature’s unique experiment to make the rational intelligence prove itself sounder than the reflex [instinct]. Knowledge is our [proper] destiny. Self-knowledge, at last bringing together the experience of the arts and the explanations of science, waits ahead of us. It sounds very pessimistic to talk about western civilisation with a sense of retreat…[but] We are being weighed in the balance at this moment’ (1973, p.437 of 448). Now that was written 44 years ago, warning that our responsibility is to search for knowledge and that dogma is counter-productive, is undermining of that search.

The great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche similarly spoke the truth in his famous book Thus Spoke Zarathustra when he wrote, ‘There have always been many sickly people among those who invent fables and long for God [ideality]: they have a raging hate for the enlightened man and for that youngest of virtues which is called honesty…Purer and more honest of speech is the healthy body, perfect and square-built: and it speaks of the meaning of the earth [which is to fight for knowledge, ultimately self-knowledge, understanding of the human condition]…You are not yet free, you still search for freedom. Your search has fatigued you…But, by my love and hope I entreat you: do not reject the hero in your soul! Keep holy your highest hope!…War [against the oppression of dogma] and courage have done more great things than charity. Not your pity but your bravery has saved the unfortunate up to now…What warrior wants to be spared? I do not spare you, I love you from the very heart, my brothers in war!’ (1892; tr. R.J. Hollingdale, 1961, pp.6175 of 343). Again, what he means by war is the underlying battle against oppression from the condemnation of our moral ‘correct’-behaviour-insisting, dogmatic, instinctive self or soul. In another of his famous books, Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche similarly wrote that ‘There comes a time in a culture’s history when it becomes so pathologically soft that it takes the side of its worst enemy [non-understanding, unquestioning, dogmatic idealism]…​and calls it “progress”’ (tr. 1886, sec. 201).

So you have Marx saying we have to impose dogma and Jung, Bronowski and Nietzsche saying no, we have to search for knowledge.

The problem is the more upset the human race became from searching for self-understanding without finding that relieving understanding, the longer we had to use the patently false excuse that we have savage instincts, and the more desperately we became attached to that excuse, and the more we developed that dishonest way of defending ourselves into a whole industry and cultureAND THAT’S WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW. Even though we all intuitively know that understanding not dogma is the answer, is what we conscious humans need, and that, in fact, dogma oppresses the search for understanding (a subconscious awareness that explains why the left-wing are so insecure and extremely defensive about their dishonest solution to the world’s problems of dogma), the pseudo idealism of the PC culture has become an all-consuming obsession by many, many people. In fact, it’s threatening to take over the worldas Hannity and O’Reilly pointed out, there’s only one main right-wing media outlet left standing and that’s Fox News.

Just how developed this patently dishonest and dangerously counter-productive culture has become is that all the false biological theories that have grown from the ‘savage animal instincts’ excuse (which are summarised in Part 1 of TYL [and in Video/​F. Essay 14]) are being used to coerce everyone into complying with the dogmaas this 2012 article titled ‘The left uses evolution to explain everything’ by the American journalist and author Dennis Prager describes (see The left-wing are so adapted to this dishonest excuse that they’re now using it to justify their culturePrager’s article talks about ‘warning…​of the danger involved in allowing the left to use science – and evolution in particular – to empower government to coerce its citizens [to, as just explained, comply with their politically correct culture of having to impose idealism on our supposed savage instincts], and Prager says, ‘evolution is offered as the left’s explanation for virtually everything. Evolution explains love [that it is due to a need to reproduce our genessee F. Essay 27 for the real explanation of love], altruism, morality, economic behavior [as the false biological theories I have described would have us believe, these aspects of our behaviour are all supposedly driven by a need to reproduce our genessee F. Essay 21 for the real explanation of our moral instincts], God, religion [both supposedly a result of the need to be controlled so we can better reproduce our genessee F. Essay 23 for the real explanation of God and F. Essay 39 for the real explanation of religion], intelligence [supposedly a result of the need to manage complex social situations so we can better reproduce our genesthe real explanation for how we humans became conscious is presented in F. Essay 24], and he cites, as an example, the assertion by the left that ‘those who do not support same-sex marriage are not recognizing the indisputable, scientific fact that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon’. This is a classic illustrationclaiming that the sex humans practice is no different from the sex animals practice when they try to reproduce their genes. But the truth, as explained in chapter 8:11B of FREEDOM [and summarised in F. Essay 27], is that sex as humans practice itincluding homosexualityis a result of being psychologically upset, so there’s no relationship between the homosexuality that occurs in animals and humans. Our behaviour is psychosis-driven. So that is a classic illustration of the left’s use of dishonest science: they have taken this false ‘savage instincts’ excuse for human behaviour and said it explains homosexuality in humans and used that assertion to defend same-sex marriage.

You see this particular dishonest biology, that everything about human sexual relationships is due to a need to reproduce our genes, everywhere; for example, it’s claimed that men are attracted to young women because they’re more fertile and will more successfully reproduce our genes, when it’s the innocence, or innocent appearance, of younger women that makes them more attractive for humans’ psychosis-driven sexual destruction [again, see F. Essay 27]. As Prager’s article goes on to say, ‘To differ with the left is not only definitionally sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist and bigoted (SIXHIRB as I have labeled it) – it is now against science itself.’ This is how insidious left-wing culture is, and, again, it’s coming off this completely false idea that we have savage animal instincts. [Again, read more about the biology underpinning left-wing culture, including Marxist Critical Theory, in Jeremy’s booklet Death by Dogma at]

Prager’s article also says that ‘The left has always sought single, non-values based explanations for human behavior’ and ‘the absence of absolutes, (good vs evil, right vs wrong)’. And that’s what the left claim they have with Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson’s Multilevel Selection theory, which is the last of the dishonest biological theories that are described in Part 1 of TYL [and in Video/​F. Essay 14 & F. Essay 40], and fully in chapter 2:11 of FREEDOM. As I will talk more about shortly, Multilevel Selection theory is all a dishonest human-condition-avoiding lie. As Prager says, they are ‘using science as a tool to dictate what is to be tolerated and what is to be mocked’.

So, as the Adam Stork story finally explains (see THE Interview and Video/​F. Essay 3), the more humans searched for knowledge, ultimately for self-knowledge, the more angry, egocentric and alienated they became. In the end, without the psychosis-addressing-and-solving real explanation of the human condition, humans became so extremely angry, egocentric and alienated that they gave up the corrupting search for knowledge and decided to dogmatically impose ideal principleseven though dogma is the opposite of understanding and stops the search for knowledge, stops the freedom of thought needed to find the understanding that actually ends our upset human condition, as all those newspaper articles this week point out, and which Hannity and O’Reilly are so concerned about.

It is ONLY the psychosis-addressing-and-solving explanation of the human condition that gives us the ability to actually explain what is wrong with the PC culture, and, best of all, replace it with the understanding-based, REAL means to end all the competitive and aggressive behaviour of humans, and transform the human race, and save the world.

I should explain more about Multilevel Selection theory which, as explained in chapter 2:11 of FREEDOM [and in Video/​F. Essay 14], is being used to nullify the real issue of the human condition.

The Multilevel Selection theory is the idea that we do have some selfless instincts alongside our must-reproduce-our-genes, competitive and aggressive selfish instincts, and that the way we acquired the selfless instincts was through ‘group selection’. Now, group selection has been discredited in biology as impossible, it’s just a fraud (see paragraph 203 of FREEDOM), but so desperate is the left-wing to find some justification, some explanation for how we acquired our supposedly selfless instincts, that they resorted to using the group selection idea. In pars. 213214 of FREEDOM I quote Wilson saying, ‘Multilevel selection (group and individual selection combined) also explains the conflicted nature of motivations. Every normal person feels the pull of conscience, of heroism against cowardice, of truth against deception, of commitment against withdrawal. It is our fate to be tormented…We, all of us, live out our lives in conflict and contention’ (The Social Conquest of Earth, p.290), and I follow that by saying, ‘Clever semblance of our conflicted condition, diabolically clever, but entirely untrue’. In finding a way to avoid the truth of our psychologically conflicted condition with a non-psychological ‘clever semblance’ of it, what Wilson has done is not explain the good-vs-evil, psychologically conflicted human condition, but nullify it, render the issue benign, virtually inconsequential.

So rather than having an unconditionally selfless moral nature, Multilevel Selection asserts we simply have some instincts that want us to behave selflessly along with those that don’t, thus supposedly eliminating the notion of ‘absolutes, (good vs evil, right vs wrong)’ that Prager referred to when he said, ‘The left has always sought single, non-values based explanations for human behavior’. It’s a human-condition-avoiding, non-values based, non-judgemental system that dishonestly says that we don’t suffer from a psychologically troubled human condition, rather, through this dishonest use of group selection, it argues that ‘OK, we do have some selfless instincts in the mix’. It’s a complete belittling of what our instinctive self or soul is, and a complete dismissal of our psychosis. Everything that’s true and important about humans is completely butchered, destroyed by these dishonest arguments. [F. Essay 53 presents powerful evidence from some of history’s foremost thinkers that the real elements involved in producing our human condition are our instinct and intellectthereby exposing E.O. Wilson’s supposed instinct vs instinct ‘explanation’ as the dangerously dishonest excuse it is.]

Part 1 of TYL is so precious precisely because it explains all of this dishonest biology and where it has led us.

In the WTM’s case, we are using first principle biology to actually explain the human condition, which is why this Transformed State is going to sweep the world. It’s underpinned by first principle truthful biology, it’s the psychosis-addressing-and-solving real explanation of the human condition. But the left-wing have found a way to imitate or mimic what the arrival of the actual understanding of the human condition brings. It brings about a biology that is finally ‘non-values based’because the explanation in the Adam Stork story does get rid of the idea of good and evil. It acknowledges that we’re psychologically upset but explains there’s a good reason for why we became upsetso it eliminates guilt, it provides the real ‘absence of absolutes, (good vs evil, right vs wrong)’ explanation. Those concepts have been dismantled truthfully. We at the WTM are presenting the truthful explanation of the human condition and from there why the Transformed State is unavoidablebecause the old psychologically defensive and insecure, angry, egocentric and alienated, power, fame, fortune and glory ways of justifying ourselves are now obsoletedbecause we have real understanding.

You see, what the left-wing are doing is using all of this fraudulent biology to supposedly underpin this imitation, this pseudo idealistic way of explaining ourselves, that justifies dogma. They are saying we have to impose ideal values on humans because we can’t trust ourselves due to innate violent instincts within us. They’ve created a parallel universe that is totally fraudulent. And it’s a universe based on the imposition of dogma which stops the search for knowledge, freedom of expression, thinking. It basically says, ‘throw away your brain’. As I said earlier, we need brain food, not brain anaesthetic. We need answers. De-braining ourselves, giving up thinking, just dogmatically insisting that everyone be good is a fraud and will get us nowhere. The only thing that gets us out of the human condition is understanding of the human condition, but this left-wing culture is all about not understanding, giving up on understanding.

In the presentation I gave on ‘How to become transformed’ [see Video/​F. Essay 33] I used the example of Eckhart Tolle’s books which have become huge bestsellers around the world and they’re basically telling us ‘don’t think, just give up thinking, just live in the moment and focus nowhere else’but to stop thinking is the ultimate irresponsibility for conscious beings. Universities now provide ‘trigger warnings’ on any confronting subject matter, ‘safe spaces’ for students to escape reality, and protection from ‘microaggressions’, and it’s all about stopping thought and inquiry. Students go to university now and the first thing they say is, ‘I don’t have to read any books, do I?’ The human race has become so psychologically embattled and exhausted that people can’t cope with any truth now. That’s why they love this culture of pseudo idealism because it allows them to impose an ideal world when they can no longer trust themselves to inquire into truth and by so doing find the psychologically relieving real understanding of ourselves that brings about a genuinely human-condition-relieved ideal world. It’s a very serious situation that the world has arrived at, as all the articles I mentioned by journalists evidence, and which Hannity and O’Reilly emphasised. [Read F. Essay 55 for much more about the terrifying endgame situation humanity is now entering.]


Cartoon of a man’s brain leaving his head as he reads a University ‘safe space’ sign


So that’s the underlying analysis or ‘exposition’ of what’s really behind and driving the PC culture and why it’s so dangerous. They’re classic illustrations of just how dangerous the whole thing is when the left-wing have commandeered dishonest biology to justify their position.

So how astute was Sir Bob Geldof when his opening words during our conversation were, ‘We’re not all going to turn into people who are hugging each other Jeremy because we’re all competitive by nature. The question is how do we relieve ourselves from these unchangeable competitive, selfish and aggressive primal instincts in us?’ What he is implying is that the only way we can ‘relieve ourselves’ of these ‘unchangeable competitive, selfish and aggressive primal instincts’ is by dogmatically imposing cooperative, selfless and loving behaviour on those supposed savage instincts. As I said, I would agree with him if it were true that we have unchangeable primal instincts that are competitive, selfish and aggressivewhat choice would we have? But we don’t have competitive, selfish and aggressive instincts, we have cooperative, selfless and loving moral instincts, so the whole foundation of the left-wing’s culture is wrong, a fraud.

The truth [that is pointed out in Video/​F. Essay 14 & F. Essay 40] is that all of biology now is a dishonest fraud. As Plato said [see Video/​F. Essay 11], everyone’s living in this cave of dishonesty, this cave of darkness; he described how humans have had to ‘take refuge’ ‘a long way underground’ in a dark ‘cave’ because we couldn’t face the ‘painful’ ‘light’ of the truth of ‘the imperfections of human life’. And it’s why Plato said that when someone does finally get outside the cave and comes back with the truth, the people inside will be so habituated, so adapted to all their lies, that ‘they would kill him if they could lay hands on him’, and they ‘wouldn’t be able to see a single one of the things he was now told were real’ (see F. Essay 11). As psychotherapists know, denials do fight back with a vengeance when faced with annihilation, and this is a huge denial that biology is practising of what the human condition really is, which is a psychologically troubled condition.

So this is all ‘cave-speak’, all this biological rubbish, and it’s led to this dangerous takeover of the world by dogma, which is the greatest threat the world has ever seen to what we really need, which is the search for knowledge and freedom of expression. So we ARE entering the darkest era the world’s ever seen. It’s very, very serious. [Again, see F. Essay 55 about the endgame situation we are in.] And they’re mimicking what a human-condition-resolved world would be likeeveryone would behave lovingly and cooperatively and biology would support that, and coerce people into supporting that, but what the Left is putting forward is all a lie, it’s all fabrication.

When humans resign they don’t want to go near the human condition, they live in terror of that issue, of that dark corner, and they never want to visit it again [read about the Resignation process, which is described further in Part 2 of this presentation, in F. Essay 30]. They’re frightened of it. They live in Plato’s cave of darkness and they create a whole world in there, all these universities, ivory towers of intellectualism, but it’s just dishonest rubbish, it’s a castle of lies. Then they develop a culture to justify the imposition of dogma, and then everyone becomes hooked on it as the only counter-solution to the horror in the world. Basically they want to give up the search for knowledge. In the Adam Stork analogy they just want to fly back on course and feel good about themselves and signal to the world that they are virtuous. They no longer want to pursue the upsetting, heroic search for knowledge, ultimately for self-knowledge, understanding of the human condition that is required to actually end all the psychosis in the world. They are basically voting for the death of the human race from terminal psychosis. They are advocating that the human race perish in a writhing heap in indescribable psychotic agonyand that state of terminal alienation for the human race is rapidly approaching. They have abandoned our species’ 2-million-year long effort to save itself from self-destruction. They have given up, thrown in the towel, fired a bullet into their brains, stopped being human, become a person who is committed to the suicide of the human race!

Yes, we humans needed reconciling, healing and transforming understanding of our psychologically upset and distressed human condition, not mindless, answerless, straight-jacketing discipline of that upset state. We needed to be able to think our way to sanity, not abandon thinking and just behave like brain-dead robots.


A procession of crazed looking marxist dummies, with the top of their heads cut off, march off a cliff


So that’s the ‘exposition’ of the PC culture that Hannity and O’Reillyand the worlddesperately wanted! [Again, F. Essay 35 is the definitive presentation of what is wrong with the left-wing, and is so significant it has also been produced as the standalone book titled Death by Dogma: The biological reason why the Left is leading us to extinction, and the solution.]


Now in Part 2 we want to talk about how the real explanation of the human condition transforms the human race. These dishonest books, like Tolle’s, claim to bring about A New Earth, but it’s a new Earth based on giving up thinking. That’s how insecure, and at the same time desperate, the human race has become for a ‘get out of jail free’ cardsomething that doesn’t require them to think about the human condition.

So that’s Part 1 of this presentation, but now we’re going to talk about how the real explanation of the human condition transforms the human race.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


PART 2 The tsunami of love – the REAL transformation of the human race  (filmed in Sydney, 29 September 2017)


Jeremy: This is a very exciting transformation talk to follow on from the one a few weeks ago where I sought to explain how to become transformed [the video of which you can watch in Video/​F. Essay 33].

This talk today is about how the Transformed Way of Living is going to catch on and sweep the whole world! To talk about this great tsunami of change I have beside me three members of the Sydney WTM Centre, Tony Gowing, Annie Williams and Genevieve Salter. And on Skypeand this is very exciting for uswe have Roz Bachl who lives in Spain but is going to be starting a WTM Centre in the UK. Also Gerald Stafaneller from the Austrian WTM Centre, and Sam Akritidis from the Melbourne WTM Centre.

To introduce these three visitors from far away, I might firstly mention these comments Roz made in a phone call with WTM founding members Monica Kodet and Tony Miall a week or so ago. She said, ‘My brother-in-law says “life’s hard and then you die”. He says that 3 times a week, but I can now say to him, ‘here’s this key, you don’t have to do that anymore, you can go over here into this valley on the right [referring to the valley diagram referred to in the previous talk I did about how to become transformed which is Video/​F. Essay 33] and live for this understanding of the human condition’. Personally for me, this I what I’ve been looking for since I was 7 years old and I’m now 56. I mean, I sleep with FREEDOM, I walk about carrying it and flicking the pages! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is personally for me because I feel like I want other people to have the same feeling. I just totally see how the world will changethe grass is greener, people are nicer, I understand it all because I’ve got the answer to it all. Words fail me really.’ So that’s a wonderful comment Roz, thank you for that.

To introduce Gerald from WTM Austria; Tony Miall gave me this summary of his talk with Gerald last Saturday: ‘Gerald is transformed! He said he gets up happy every day now. And his girlfriend Sophie said their whole relationship has changed, where he used to look to her for stability now it’s the other way around. She said she can’t believe how dramatic the change has been. He said that watching the video [the transformation talk in Video/​F. Essay 33] made him realise that wrestling was exactly what he was doing and it made him understand that he could simply walk away from that and that’s what he does now.’ Tony said Gerald plays this song, Pressing On by the band Reliant K, and I’ll read you some of the lyrics. ‘Somewhere back there I left my worries all behind. My problems fell out of the back of my mind. [Gerald changed the words from ‘I’m never knowing where I’m going’ to] Now we are knowing, now we are knowing where we are going. To go back to where I was would just be wrong. I’m pressing on, pressing on. All my distress is going, going gone.’ Well done Gerald!

And Sam from the Melbourne WTM Centre wrote this a few days ago: ‘Learning from the video [about how to become transformed, Video/​F. Essay 33] how to not engage in a wrestling match with your ego, but avoiding it by turning yourself around and walking away to a place where you are living in alignment with this information, which keeps me safe and whole. The more you feel your place in the macro role within the whole human journey, the more you become free of your self-obsessions, the more you know and love and have drive to help save the world. You become a ruthless soul-warrior, mounted on the tsunami of love.’

So these are some very exciting testimonials about the ‘tsunami of love’ that’s coming.


I think the best way to describe how this ‘tsunami of love’ that real understanding of a psychosis-addressing-and-solving explanation of the human condition finally makes possible is to progress through a series of boxes, of propositions and see if we can look at those propositions and tick each one as being true as we goand get to this ‘tsunami of love’ that will be unstoppable when it catches on, once we get through the ‘deaf effect’ and the procrastination from everyone hiding in Plato’s cave of darkness not wanting to confront the truth [see The Great Guilt that causes the Deaf Effect and Video/​F. Essay 11 about Plato’s cave allegory]. So if we just put up the first of these boxes. [Jeremy refers to these boxes, which are displayed on a screen consecutively, throughout Part 2 of the presentation.]


Box 1 The ‘Savage instincts’ excuse is wrong, is fraudulent.


And we’ve just been through all of that, so I don’t need to elaborate on that. So we want to tick that box, supposedly everyone’s understood that.


Box 2 The Adam Stork story is the fully accountable psychosis-addressing-and-solving REAL explanation of the human condition.


So if you’ve read the Adam Stork story, which is presented in Video/​F. Essay 3, you will have been able to understand how it finally does explain the riddle of riddles of the human condition, how we could be ‘good’ when we appeared to be ‘bad’. So we can tick that box.


Box 3 So the real story is there was this amazing battlewhich the Adam Stork story explainswhere we had to suffer upset until we found understanding, but people became so overly upset they couldn’t resist giving up the heroic search for knowledge and deciding to impose oppressive dogma on free thinking. In effect, they decided to ‘fly back on course’ and stop the corrupting search for knowledgewhich was an irresponsible ‘loss of nerve’, as Bronowski pointed out, or lacking ‘courage’ and ‘pathologically soft’, as Nietzsche referred to it. Giving up the battle and dogmatically imposing ideal, ‘correct’ values amounted to an irresponsible false start to a cooperative and loving world. The PC movement is basically only mimicking the new human-condition-free state, not bringing in a human-condition-free state for humans at all! It’s just pretending to. They are bringing about the closing of our minds foreverbringing about the extinction of the human race.


So, that’s how dangerous this PC culture is, and how addicted to it the world has become. How many books has Eckhart Tolle sold? Millions and millions and millions, and honestly there’s nothing in them. There’s no explanation of anything. It’s all about just stop thinking. Basically, take your head out and put it on the top of a saw and chop the top half of your head off, your association cortex, your thinking mind. So, we can tick that box.


Box 4 So the Adam Stork story is the most wonderful story imaginable because it finally explains the riddle of how we humans could be good when we seemed unequivocally to be bad. So now adolescents will no longer have to go through the horror of the process of Resignation described in F. Essay 30. So I just want to show you these two pictures from that F. Essay. [This is only part of Box 4, Jeremy comes back to the second part of it later in the presentation.]


Graphic illustration stating ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE MOM! THIS IS WHO I REALLY AM!’


So this is a girl going through Resignation. And parents can’t deal with this because their adolescents are actually honestly trying to confront the human condition and think about it truthfully. And the human race is a million miles alienated or corrupted from our species’ original all-loving, cooperative state. So all humans enter a world that’s incredibly upset as a result of this heroic journey to find knowledge that humanity has been on, and they’ve got to somehow adapt to it. When they try to talk to their parents about why the world is so imperfect, their parents can’t even talk about it because they’ve already been through Resignation. They don’t want to revisit that dark corner, that fearful, suicidally depressing death zone when they were adolescents and tried to think about this subject they couldn’t confront. Every generation has to encounter this problem of trying to think about why the world isn’t perfect, and why they themselves aren’t perfect. So young adolescents are still thinking honestly about the human condition and parents can’t reach them and help them because they’re already resigned to avoiding that whole dark corner of that issue. Children are facing the truth, thinking truthfully, and parents are living in denial, living in Plato’s cave and hiding in there.

So you get this little story expressed in the image above with an adolescent girl saying, IT’S NOT A PHASE MOM!’the mother has said to the adolescent, ‘look it’s just a phase you’re going through’, which is what parents sort of do. They think adolescents for some reason or other when they’re about 13 or 14 go crazy and you can’t reach them and they just lock themselves in their room, banging their head with loud music, they won’t go to school, whatever. So Mum says, ‘look, it’s just a phase, you’ll get over it sweetheart.’ But the girl says, but, THIS IS WHO I REALLY AM!’. She’s looking at herself honestly: ‘I’m this monster, this frightening competitive, aggressive, angry and upset human. I’m a complete monster compared to what my instinctive self or soul [which is our species’ instinctive memory of living in a cooperative loving statesee F. Essay 21] expects me to be’. Isn’t that a tragic little story there: THIS IS WHO I REALLY AM!’


Resigning teenager asking for HELP


This other picture is of an adolescent in the midst of the horror of Resignation, thinking that she might in fact be an evil monster. So she’s unbelievably traumatised about that possibility. This is prior to blocking this issue of our corrupted condition out as a way to cope with it. She hasn’t gone into Plato’s cave of denial yet, she’s still thinking about it, and she’s in absolute dire despair. She says HELP. She’s pleading for someone to come and help her out of this horrendous suicidal depression that she’s going through where she can’t but conclude that she’s an evil monstershe’s not, but she can’t explain why she’s not. She’s saying, ‘Help me!’ Parents just say, ‘Get over it, it’s just a stage’, blah, blah, blahall these dishonest excusesbut look at the appeal there in this crumpled bit of paper that’s saying, ‘Help me, please someone help me’.

Adolescents have been going through Resignation for some 11,000 years since the advent of agriculture when we started living on top of each other and our upset increased very rapidly (par. 750 of FREEDOM). But we can finally come to their rescue, we can give them the help they want, which is to actually explain the horror of the human situation.

This is what Roz was saying was such a relief to her: ‘I’ve been looking for since I was 7 years old and I’m now 56. I mean, I sleep with FREEDOM, I walk about carrying it and flicking the pages! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is personally for me because I feel like I want other people to have the same feeling. I just totally see how the world will changethe grass is greener, people are nicer, I understand it all because I’ve got the answer to it all. Words fail me really.’ How precious is this reconciling understanding! I mean, it is for me too, Roz.


Jeremy Griffith with ‘FREEDOM’ pendant on Bangalley Headland, Avalon 2015

Jeremy in 2015 with the WTM ‘if-we-look-after-this-information-it-will-look-
after-each-of-us-and-the-world’ (see paragraph 1191 of FREEDOM) pendant


I wear this little FREEDOM pendant, made out of a bit of balsa wood with a shrunk down photocopy of the cover of my book, around my neck because it’s so precious to me. Because the world is mad and there has to be some solution, some deeper analysis and that’s in this book. So it’s as precious to me as it is for you, Roz.

So they are really powerful pictures of the horror of Resignation. That’s just one little example of how wonderful it is now that we can explain this riddle of riddleshow humans could be good when they appear to be bad. I know in your case Roz, being able to understand the world of men has been an absolute relief for you. Is that right?


Roz: It’s totally transformed my marriage, my second one. If I’d known all this when I was married before it would have made such a difference. But since I’ve read your book, there’s a truth in every single page and for me, I just can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have these answers. How you could go through life not even wanting the answers is just totally beyond me. It’s transformed everything. I wake up happy, I don’t try and compete with people, I can just be my own self, I’m honest all the time, our marriage is wonderful and loving because I understand where he’s coming from. I’m just like, words fail me! [laughs] I just want to hug you and give you a great big kiss because it’s just so fantastic, just so fantastic! And everyone has to have this. Why would you not want it, the answers, why would you not? Why do you want to be brain dead? People just have to know about this. Just have to.


Jeremy: We’ve got to get through the ‘deaf effect’, that’s the big challenge because people are so terrified of this subject area. [Again, the problem of the deaf effect and how to overcome it is addressed in The Great Guilt that causes the Deaf Effect and Video/​F. Essay 11.]


Roz: Yeah.


Jeremy: So, I’m talking about it and they can’t even hear what I’m saying.


Roz: Yeah, I’ve had conversations with people and I mention it, and then they start talking about the weather or something as if I’d not even said the words! And if I say, ‘Oh, have you seen this really great website?’, they’ll say, ‘Yes, and I’m going to have chicken for dinner tonight’, it’s really strange! I just can’t, you know, a lot of me says ‘You need to know this stuff, why don’t you want to know? Why can’t you see the whole place is going completely bonkers?’ [laughter] What I did [before I had this understanding] was pretend I was from a different planet because I really did think that there’s no way this could be a proper Earth! I don’t remember it being like this. What’s going on, you know?! Why would you not want to know? Why don’t you want to feel like this?


Jeremy: It’s because of what happened at Resignation. They tried to think truthfully like you do and it became so depressing, suicidally depressing, so they don’t want to revisit that.


Roz: Yeah, I can understand that.


Genevieve: This deafness is what happens after they go through Resignation.


Jeremy: Yeah, when you get to that point of extreme depression from trying to think about the human condition during Resignation and you don’t get any help, eventually you have to resign and block it all out. And then someone says you should go back and revisit this frightening subject, you say, ‘Look, this is a picture of what I was like when I was there and I don’t want to be taken back there again’. And even though we’re arguing, ‘Look, it’s safe now to go back there because we can now explain that humans are good and not bad’, their memory of this dark corner, this danger zone, this


Genevieve: Suicidal depression.


Jeremy: Yeah, they can’t go there. So there are people like you, Roz, that didn’t resign and we call them ‘ships at sea’ [see F. Essay 30 or Part 1 of TYL]. You said that you felt like the only explanation you could find for the huge difference between your mind and everyone else’s, who just wanted to talk about chickens or the weather, was that they must be from outer space, or you were, one or the other!


Roz: Yeah, exactly!


Jeremy: Gerald’s great friend is Stefan, who is also a ‘ship at sea’ like you Roz, and he said the same thing didn’t he, Gerald? He said that he thought the world was invaded by aliens. Is that right?


Gerald: Yeah, exactly, that we were controlled by aliens. [laughter]


Jeremy: That’s how bewildering it is. But I’m hoping that what will happen is… ‘ships at sea’ can access this, they can read FREEDOM and they read it all in one night. They just love it, it just goes straight in.


Roz: Yes, yes, look at mine [holding up her copy of FREEDOM, which has lots of tabs marking different pages sticking out of it].


Roz Bachl holding a copy of ‘FREEDOM’


Jeremy: Yeah, right, there you go, good book that! [laughter]


Roz: Yes, you should get one, it’s really cool! [laughter]


Jeremy: I’ve got it around my neck all the time.

So, ‘ships at sea’ can read this but resigned minds, which is most adults, try to read this and they can’t. They say it needs editing, and the letters we get are amazing saying things like, ‘We know it’s English but the words just don’t go in’. And it’s because of this deep fear of this death zone, this terrifying area that they once visited and don’t want to visit again. And they know, as soon as I start talking, that I’m going into that forbidden room and that’s when their mind switches off. But the wonderful thing is that, the very few people we call ‘ships at sea’that didn’t pull into a port when the storms of the issue of the human condition were raging, the one’s that actually didn’t end up resigningcan read this book and vouch for just how wonderful it is, as you’ve done, and that inspires others. Gerald’s interest in this is a direct result of his very close friend Stefan’s interest in this and Stefan is a ‘ship at sea’ but Gerald isn’t. And so that’s an example of how this works. A ‘ship at sea’ can read it and love it and access it and then they tell someone who has respect for them that this is worth persevering with, and then they persevere and they discover it, and then they light up like a Christmas tree as Gerald has done because he is so excited to finally have this insight. Gerald’s become transformed and he’s full of excitement.

So that’s how it works. ‘Ships at sea’ kind of lead us home. As Christ said, ‘the meek…​inherit the earth’ (Bible, Matt. 5:5), the more innocent, those who can still think truthfully and don’t hide in Plato’s cave, are the first to be able to recognise the truth when it arrives. But for virtually everybody else, which is 99.9 percent of the population, they’re terrified of this and it’s going to take a little time to get through that procrastination stage. So, like you Roz, you are walking around telling people how good this is and you cannot believe that people start talking about the chicken leg or whatever it is! [laughter] And in the case of Sam, he has known us at the WTM Sydney Centre for a long time. What is it Sam, 12 years or something?


Sam: Since 2005, so yes, 12 years.


Jeremy: And because Sam got to know us well, and he got to share the enthusiasm that we had, it helped him, encouraged him to persevere until he started to get it.


Sam: Yeah.


Jeremy: So you see how it works. The ‘deaf effect’ is very real and it’s not easy, once you resign and you’re living in that resigned state, to get back from there and to be able to hear this, and then access it, and then appreciate it, you need help. So we’re busy working on the idea of creating a course that people do when they are introduced to this information and that course will gradually erode the deaf effect until they can start to hear it. [The ‘WTM Deaf Effect Course’ is explained in Video/​F. Essay 11; introduced in Video/​F. Essay 12; and presented in Video/​F. Essay 13.]

Tolle’s books sell millions and millions of copies, and there’s nothing in them. FREEDOM has everything in it and sells almost nothing. So it struggles to get an audience. But that’s what Plato predicted would happen when someone finally gets outside the cave and comes back in with the answers. They would be so fearful they wouldn’t be able to hear a single word he’s said, and they would get so angry they would destroy him if they could get hold of him. That’s how much denials fight back with a vengeance when faced with annihilation. We have to be very patient and determined to finally crack it, to get through this historic resistance. So from here on Roz, you’re on a steep learning curve about how amazing your mind is because it hasn’t adopted all the denials, and you’re living in a world surrounded by people who’ve been living in the cave of denial.


Roz: I love your Plato reference of people living in a cave of denial. It just sums the whole thing up, and all your explanations about what the soul is, and what God is, and what religion is, they are all the questions I’ve been asking. Now, if little old me from Hertfordshire in the north of London can think those things then surely lots of other people are as well, really, when you really get down to the bottom of it. And your book just answers it all, just like that, in a couple of sentences, it’s like, it’s not tricky! You go, okay, why didn’t I think of that? Obviously! It’s kind of so obvious as well.


Jeremy: They are obvious truths in the end. But that’s the answer to that mystery of people’s deafness to these insights. People are thinking about God but when they try to confront God, where it takes them is too terrifying, so then they live with an abstract version of God and they’re comfortable with that, that God is sitting on a throne in the clouds somewhere in heaven [see F. Essay 23]. So they do think about those deep questions, like why are we human, but they come up with these human-condition-avoiding explanations, such as the ‘savage instincts’ one, or that God is an abstract being living in the clouds with angels flapping around him. But it is a journey, isn’t it Sam, to get through the deaf effect with this.


Sam: Yes, definitely. There’s a lot of wrestling going on in the beginning. I mean, it all makes so much sense. I think you will remember the first time I came to Sydney I was just so excited, all the explanations were so accountable for me and made sense of everything but there was a big fear, this thing about conquering my fear. You just got to the bottom of the biggest subjectsthe subjects that were deep in the recesses of my mind that nobody ever spoke about or talked about, the subject of love and sensitivity, and anger and egocentricityand so directly and compassionately solved it with the intellect versus instinct explanation. It’s logic so your brain initially just goes, ‘Holy crap you’ve made sense of experience!’ You’re just excited and then a lot of your own egocentricities become evident, you are trying to work out, ‘Oh, this is amazing, I can make sense of the world and myself and I get why I’ve inherited all these behaviours’.

Anyway, I don’t want to take too much time and I don’t want to side track anything. A lot of your talk about dogma has stimulated a lot of thoughts too but the journey is just incredible from a resigned, competitive perspective. It’s always a challenge, you go through ups and downs and you’ve got a thousand reasons to be a victim and a thousand reasons to be a villain and the explanation just says you don’t have to deal with that any more, just get on and help save the world because you can make sense of the whole thing. I mean, that’s huge. It’s just an incredible relief and you can just see how it’s going to work, everyone is going to get all this confidence to be in each other’s company again. There are no pre-judgments anymore. All those pre-judgements are redundant. We are living in the dogma world where you’re always trying to be good, you have to do this to be good and that to be good, etc, etc. All this imposed expectation is just all gone. We understand that now so we don’t have to impose that any more. We will stay loving and sensitive. We will stay real.


Jeremy: Gerald, how does that resonate with your journey?


Gerald: Yes, totally, because I didn’t realise until I saw the video, How to become Transformed [in Video/​F. Essay 33], that I was always wrestling with myself. When I had the information I still tried to adapt it to my life and to make myself better. But then with realising that I was still wrestling with all these things it was so relieving and it’s hard to find the words how great it feels to get up now every morning with no worries in your head. Not only was I getting up thinking about the day and thinking, ‘Oh, what will come and how will I deal with this, and how will I deal with that’, but this has all gone because there is no need to do that any more. Once I’m in a situation where I have to do something, my mind is working now so I can handle these situations without worrying for hours about it, or days, whatever, so that’s crazy!


Jeremy: And that was the essence of that last talk, How to become Transformed, which is about the Mexican Standoff and the wrestling match and how to go and live in the next valley [again, How to become Transformed is the subject of Video/​F. Essay 33].

So we’ll just persevere with this journey we’re on of ticking the boxes, so getting back to Box 4. This is another picture of an adolescent going through Resignation, which they won’t have to do anymore and that’s just one of the examples of the relief this understanding will bring the human race.


A despairing teenager, alone, head in hands, crouched in a room going through Resignation.


Box 4 [The second part of Box 4]…So how good is this Adam Stork story [because, for one thing, it’s able to end the horror of adolescents having to resign]! Okay, so you walk around enormously relieved, BUT IT GETS EVEN BETTER BECAUSE THE ARRIVAL OF UNDERSTANDING OBSOLETES THE COMPETITIVE AND AGGRESSIVE BATTLE. As explained in F. Essay 15, with the arrival of the real defence for our divisive nature, all the old artificial power, fame, fortune and glory ways of defending ourselves are obsoleted. Everyone takes up the Transformed Way of Living now because there’s absolutely no reason not to, and doing so will completely heal and save the world.


So that’s the power of the Adam Stork story. It explains this seemingly impossible riddlehow could humans be good when for all money they appear to be bad. It’s like an atomic bomb for the human mind in terms of how big a change it brings. It’s just so relieving. Because there’s so much fear. Our soul is frozen, our cooperative, loving and all-sensitive innocent instinctive child within us is frozen, blocked out, repressed because it condemned usbasically everything is frozen. Our mind shrinks to the size of a pea because we can’t cope with anything. Any thinking leads to self-confrontation so we end up not thinking at all. So we live on the absolute meniscus of life. If I fill this glass with water, the thin meniscus layer at the top is where we live. It’s a very shallow, superficial world because anything deeper than that is too confronting. That’s where the human race has had to live. So once we get out of that, once we can immerse ourselves in the full depth of experience without any fear, everything explodes and opens up. The analogy I used in the How to become Transformed talk was that we can see the Birds of Paradise flying over our headsit’s just a magic world.

So that’s another box we can tickthe magic of that and how wonderful it is.


Box 5 And sure, there’s a lot of exposure to face, the truth can’t but reveal all the lies (so there is a negative associated with this great breakthrough understanding, and that is that truth is going to expose 2 million years of denial and lies), but that really doesn’t matter at all because we can leave all that behind, just live for the new world and focus on supporting that, and just leave all the confrontingness of this understanding to the exceptionally secure amongst us to deal with.


So we study this understanding of the human condition sufficiently to verify that it’s true, and then we just live in support of it, and it looks after us and the worldbecause we’ve got the full truth there and that means the old artificial ways of reinforcing ourselves, of power, fame, fortune and glory are obsoleted. So there’s no longer any need for them. We can now legitimately leave that embattled state and just go and live in this free state. It seems like a fraud, a trick, that we can go to this totally free state, which is so easy to dolike the picture I drew for the How to become Transformed talk (below) where we go over the hill and live in this valley free of the human conditionbut we can. It’s an absolutely astonishing truth how EASY this transformation is and how wonderful living in that completely free state is.


Drawing of a man up on a hill cheering on a battle below while over the hill is a liberated happy person in sunshine


We have transformation talks regularly and a few nights ago Tony just blew everyone out of the water when he was talking about how easy it is to get into that free valley and leave all the battle behind, and how legitimate it is now to do that.


Tony: Yeah, Roz, I’ve seen how ‘ships at sea’ respond to this so easily but I am like those kids inside [referring to pictures of adolescents struggling with Resignation], and, if you ask me, those pictures don’t say enough about how in a foetal position you are, how absolutely terrified you are of being a bad person. What you go through in Resignation is horrible and now that I’m transformed I can come back and understand all that happened when I resigned. I can see the human condition everywhere now. But I was one of these people walking around talking about the footy or the weather and I had some mates say, ‘Look, go and read this book, it’s about the human condition’, and it was the last thing I wanted to do. Who wants to know about that? Sure the world has got fucking problems but I don’t want to fucking look at that. I just want to get on with my life. I just want to play footy and get a few wins sort of thing.

But what you find out is that the more you understand the human condition, the more you can appreciate that there is this problem, and it is a psychological problem, and it is deep within everybody and deeply within yourself, and it is utterly, utterly, utterly terrifying and the force with which that terror drives everybody’s behaviour in this world is the greatest force on this planet, it’s incredible just how much fear there is and how much it drives all our behaviour.

But the thing is, as a resigned human you just need to patiently work your way into this explanation of the human condition because you will quickly discover it’s bloody good news, it’s fantastic news. We are good, you are good, everybody’s good. The reason that we’ve been so messed up, the reason that we are so dead, is because we have been doing this incredibly courageous job of searching for knowledge. It’s been the most amazing job and the most incredible battle that we’ve had to fight, and that’s the thing, you come into contact with the explanation and you see that it deals with this huge awful, awful terror within us, explains why we have had this great fear that we might be evil monsters. But all of a sudden this book FREEDOM, this explanation, this understanding just wipes all the terror off the face of the Earth, explains how wonderful we really are. Just absolutely like Sam and Jeremy and everyone is saying, it’s just a ‘tsunami of love’ wiping all the fucking terror away that is the driving force in all our lives and is just ruining the world. It just wipes it off the face of the Earth and everything turns around. You go from one minute thinking, ‘Oh, I’m so exhausted, the world is stuffed, the fucking environment is dying, we’re all so greedy and materialistic, I can’t get on with my wife, why are my kids mad?’ But all of that changes overnight as you’ve discovered Roz, it wipes every piece of bad stuff that you can possibly think of out of your life and out of the world in a split second because you now understand how all of the terror, all of the torture, all of the misunderstanding, all of the ignorance is gone, and it’s gone with this book. It’s fucking just amazing to be on Earth when you think about it, it’s just ridiculous! Like everyone is saying, I just can’t believe that we are here, sitting talking to Jeremy Griffith who wrote the book that saves the world after 2 million years of torture and we can be free of the torture.


Roz: That’s exactly what it does, exactly.


Tony: Anyway, sorry.


Jeremy: No, go for it Tone, you do that so well. Annie?


Annie: Yeah, it is amazing the change of heart that this brings about where instead of living selfishly you are living selflesslyinstead of being self-preoccupied and self-protective you’re living humanity-preoccupied and thinking about humanity’s safety. It’s so powerful it does take your breath away because you know from the change in yourself that you immediately become part of the solution instead of part of the compounding problem and in that you know the force that’s coming, the relief that’s coming for everyone. You know that all humans, once they can understand the human condition, will want to live this way. And it’s so fulfilling and natural and easy, and you know any problem out there can be solved by the cooperativeness of living together and participating together.

Jeremy talks in FREEDOM (it’s paragraph 1233, I always remember it because it’s so easy) about ‘when the power of love replaces the love of power’. That force that’s coming that Jeremy talks about, is irresistible, there is nothing that can stand against it. The resigned world is defenceless against the beauty and magnificence that’s coming. And that children and the world will be free and be able to return to innocence. It’s intoxicating and the world will not be able to resist that. And the more people who feel that in their hearts and minds, instead of the closing of humanity’s mind it’s the liberation and opening of humanity’s mind and the ‘tsunami of love’, as Sam described it, is the perfect metaphor.


Jeremy: Weavy?


Genevieve: Yeah, well I was just thinking how much I loved that you said, I think it was in Box 4, ‘so how good is the Adam Stork story!’, because it is incredibly good because it explains everything and it explains all that horrible end play stuff, all the horror in the world now that you were just talking about, and it makes this new world possible. And the thing for me is that the new world is so simple and so exciting. And now that we have this explanation, as Tony was saying, all of that horror and terror is over and we can get on with building this exciting new world. And this new Transformed Way of Living is just unstoppable and all-consuming and all-exciting and just puts an end to all that agony and suffering. And we just get to live there now. We can literally just let the old world go and start living for a new world because this new world has the backdrop of understanding that has never been possible before now and that’s the symbol of the sun and it’s just absolutely spectacular.


Jeremy: Your vision of a ‘tsunami of love’, Sammy, is getting a lot of support mate!


Sam: You picked it up, I didn’t even know, I just felt and wrote those words, and you can’t tell the significance of things all the time you know, anyway.


Jeremy: I also just love Sammy this other thing you wrote. [laughing]


Sam: Which one? [laughing]


Jeremy: This is another piece, a ‘Sam special’, and this is after watching the How to become Transformed talk. You wrote, ‘Unbelievable. The video has blown my mind. Smashed chunks of the concrete wall out. This little band of ruthless soul-warriors are truly a sight to see. To quote Jeremy, “let’s get the fuck out of here” The problem now is I can’t go back to work, I’m too excited!’ [lots of laughter]


Sam: It fucking ruined me!


Jeremy: Yes, ‘let’s get the fuck out of here’it’s like the song from The Animals, ‘We’ve gotta get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do’ (We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, 1965, written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil). As I said Sammy, we should make a flag, have this great big billowing flag, and it should read ‘Let’s get the fuck out of here!’, because the world is such a mess everywhere you like to look and this is such a solution to all of thatand we can get the fuck out of there, so why wouldn’t you get the fuck out of there? Let’s bloody well GO!


‘Let’s Get The Fuck Out Of Here!’ flag by Jeremy Griffith


(Note, the above image is available on a T-shirt, see our WTM Products page.


Sam: Yeah.


Jeremy: I mean, this is incredibly exciting, AND IT IS SO SIMPLE. That’s the marvel of the two valleys drawing I did in the How to become Transformed talk because you just get out of that valley and go to this valley. The best line in it is, ‘Look, I just need to go and get a drink of water from the spring over on the other side of this ridge…And you go over the ridge AND YOU NEVER COME BACK!’ When we were working on the transcript I said, put that in capital letters and bold, AND YOU NEVER COME BACK, why would you come back? You go over the hill and live in this valley where you can see the Birds of Paradise, you can see everything. Everything comes back to life, and everyone is together and looking after each other like Tony’s and Annie’s marvellous description of it.

I mean it’s SO SIMPLE. The most amazing thing I think people will do when they get transformed is they will reflect on just how simple it is. Because, as Gerald said, people get in this wrestling match, and then you just let it go and it’s all taken care of. You put all your troubles in a suitcase, they’re all dealt with by this explanation, first principle biology has explained all that, that’s dealt with, so we don’t have to live through artificial forms of reinforcement anymorethe old power, fame, fortune and glory tripand we can just live for this. And it’s as simple as that.

So people over-complicate it to absolute buggery, trying to wrestle with this and make it fit with their resigned mindset, and all they have to do is let it go and go and live in this valley and you can, it’s legitimate. In fact, it’s illegitimate not to. That’s the most astonishing thing. Whereas all those false starts, like Tolle’s stuff, ‘give up thinking, throw away your ego’, the battle to find understanding still hadn’t been won, so you were flying back on course in effect, giving up the battle before it had been won. So yeah, let’s get the fuck out of here!

You’ve got to stop swearing Tony [laughter]! I don’t swear at all, mate! I set a really good example! I wouldn’t say ‘fuck’ or anything, hardly ever, maybe, much [laughter]. I just love swearing, and honestly, it’s not that I want to be profane, it’s because the world is so dishonest. We don’t even have an everyday word for the biggest thing that’s going on which is all this denial, except for the swear words ‘bullshit’ or ‘crap’that’s how dishonest we are, we don’t even have an everyday word about being so dishonest. We are totally dishonest about being dishonest! So that’s why I love swearing. It gives me relief. It just finally shatters all the crapbut you need to explain that to people because I swear so much and you all get addicted to it, get relief from it also, and then I listen to a discussion and we have to put in bleeps to make it usable! So I’m really saying I should stop swearingbut I’m not about to! [laughter]


Annie: We don’t want you to.


Jeremy: So, getting back to the boxes. Box 5 was the first cautionary note where I said there’s a lot of exposure but we don’t have to worry about that. We just leave that behind, we get on with building the new world and leave the human condition mess behind for the more secure to have a look at if they want to. We can leave that issue behind. So we can tick Box 5.


Box 6 And sure, initially in the pioneer stage there’s the Mexican Standoff/​procrastination/​‘denials fight back with a vengeance’ problem in taking up the Transformed State, as I describe in Video/​F. Essay 33, but as I mentioned in that talk, before long, when there’s lots of people in the Transformed State, it will be easy because it’s such an obvious and easy solution and way to live now. We just need to build a critical mass and it’s blast off, we’re out of here. I initially read what Sam had to say about how good the Transformed State is, well this is another comment he made: [which is the one I’ve just read] ‘Let’s get the fuck out of here’, which is like The Animals’ song ‘We’ve gotta get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do’. We should make a flag which has ‘Let’s get the fuck out of here’ on it because it perfectly sums up the attitude everyone should have now because everyone can get out of the horrid mess the world is in, so why wouldn’t you. LET’S GO!


And it’s so true, let’s get out of here, why wouldn’t you, when you can? It’s just a state of numb shock that people can’t immediately see what’s on offer now. They say, ‘Well, I have to wrestle with this, how does this fit in with my power and glory-seeking self?’ They just have to be told, ‘Look, that’s all redundant, it’s history, don’t even go near that valley again.’


Genevieve: Don’t even go back to get your hat! [laughter]


Jeremy: That’s right, don’t even go back to get your hat, good on you Weavy! Just go over the hill and don’t come back! Absolutely. I mean it’s so simple this transformation. Is that right, Gerald?


Gerald: Yeah, it is actually. Once you understand what you have to do, that you have to let go of these things, and then it is so easy and it’s only beautiful.


Annie: That’s beautiful.


Jeremy: It is! If you listen to what Tony said, it just turns it all around from a complete mess to just radiant sunshine and freedom. It is just the most wonderful gift the human race could ever imagine.


Gerald: I agree.


Genevieve: And there’s so much excitement on the other side that you just could not ever imagine or anticipatebeing an alienated, resigned humanthat we can actually participate in that level of excitement and love and beauty. It’s beyond what you can imagine.


Jeremy: Well, let’s have a look at Box 7.


Box 7 So, soon, as I’ve always said, an army in its millions will appear from horizon to horizon to do battle with human suffering and its weapon will be understandingas Joel, Hosea and Isaiah anticipated in the Bible (see par. 1259 of FREEDOM).


So you can go and read those quotes in FREEDOM about what Joel, Hosea and Isaiah anticipated. I don’t know when they were written, way back well before Christ, the Old Testament prophets, and yet they just lived for this time. Because that’s all they were dreaming of, this time when we could leave the battle. And they go on and on and on with the most wonderful descriptions, this army that ‘doesn’t jostle each other’, they are just full of excitement about what we have the enormous good fortune to have arrived in our lifetime!

Also Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which gloriously elevates the magnificence of the words from Friedrich Schiller’s 1785 poem Ode to Joy. It is no wonder ‘it’s generally considered to be the supreme artistic achievement of western civilisation’ (Paul Gambaccini, ‘Your Desert Island Discs’, BBC Radio 4, 11 Jun. 2011) and was adopted by the European Union as its anthem.

So we’ll play Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Listen to this! [The video shows footage of an orchestra and choir performing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with the following words from Ode to Joy scrolling as it plays: ‘Joy!’, ‘Joyful, as a hero to victory!’, ‘Join in our jubilation!’, ‘We enter, drunk with fire, into your [human-condition-understood] sanctuary…Your magic reunites…All men become brothers…All good, all bad…Be embraced, millions! This kiss [of understanding] for the whole world!’ (1824).

Isn’t that good!! Roz is giving it a big clap. Aren’t those words amazing? ‘This kiss [of understanding] for the whole world!’ This book FREEDOM is a product of the efforts of all the humans that have ever lived. Bit by bit we accumulated the knowledge that one day would make this breakthrough possible. I’m just the ‘Johnny-come-lately’ at the end who comes and puts the bits together. They [mechanistic science] found all the bits, the clues of the explanation, it just required someone unresigned to put them together. So that’s the product of all human effort‘This kiss for the whole world!’this jubilation. This is more exciting, as Weavy was saying, than the human body is capable of experiencing. So, Gerald’s girlfriend is finding it hard to keep up because he’s so excited. But it gets even more exciting Gerald!


Genevieve: Yeah, once this grows you can see how that excitement just builds and builds and builds and what we will be capable of in terms of stopping the suffering on the planet is just incredible.


Jeremy: Well, there is just too much suffering in the world. That’s what motivated me from the get-go, the amount of suffering. Which is what resigning children can see and what is terrifying them, it’s crippling them at the moment. There are whole generations now that are so traumatised. They call them the Snowflake Generation, they can’t even get out of bed and leave their house they are so crippled by the trauma of the world. Once you resign and get into the battle you can’t really see how bad it is. But if you are not yet resigned, or going through Resignation, it’s just horrendous where the world is at. That suffering is unspeakable, and this solves it. It’s just incredible that we can go from the darkest, darkest state to a state of complete sunshine and freedom. So, when you came across this Roz, what did your husband think, that you’d gone bonkers or something?


Roz: I think he thought I was on happy pills, and still thinks I’m on happy pills. It’s catching though, it is definitely catching! [laughing]


Annie: It’s contagious.


Roz: Yes, very much so.


Jeremy: That’s that critical mass, we have to be so determined and patient to build a support base to the point where it catches on.


Roz: Yep.


Jeremy: Like your wonderful initiatives, Roz. Someone showed me a whole lot of reviews of FREEDOM you’ve placed on the various Amazon sites. I mean they are so powerful and infectious. You cannot read them and not know that this person has come across something really special


Roz: Words fail me, it is just utterly fantastic and THANK YOUUU, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Jeremy: Well, thank us. Thank everybody in the world because this is the product of all our efforts. It’s on the shoulders of everyone’s efforts.


Roz: Yeah. But if we didn’t have you we wouldn’t have the book. So, you know, you’ve got to take a bit of credit, please, just a bit, just a bit.


Jeremy: As I said, I love FREEDOM a lot, and you might say, ‘that’s because you wrote the fucking thing’, but it’s not.


Annie: No, it’s not.


Jeremy: It’s because it’s so precious. I look after it and it looks after me.


Genevieve: And the world.


Jeremy: Looks after the world.

So that’s basically the talk so what I want to do is end with something exciting, because the new world is more exciting, as Genevieve was saying, than our bodies are capable of dealing with. What I do in the night is I put my headphones on and I play all the music from the 1960s because it’s so full of anticipation of this excitement. Actually, this is an Elton John song from the 1970s but as it goes along it just gets explosive, it’s so, so exciting. So I’m trying to find a metaphor for the level of excitement that this transformation brings once it catches on, once we get through this difficult early pioneer stage [see F. Essay 45 and chapter 9:11 of FREEDOM for more of these excited anticipations of a transformed world]. So, listen to this music for some excitement! So you have to turn it up really loud.

[Elton John’s Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting (1973) is played at full volume!]

It’s just that last bit [at about 3:20 minutes in], ‘Saturday, Saturday’, put that in your headphones and turn it up full bore and blast your head and that’s BRRGGHHH!! It’s just so exciting!

So that’s the presentation and we’ve been able to tick all the boxes. So, Roz, it’s wonderful to meet you. It’s the first time I’ve heard your voice or seen you and so that’s very precious and I’m just so privileged to hear you and to see you. So thank you and Gerald, thank you.


Roz: You’re welcome. The privilege is mine.


Jeremy: And Sammy, as always mate, I love you to death, I love you all to death. We are on the brink of something most amazing and thank you for turning up. It is 6am in the morning over there in Europe so you will have to go and have some porridge. [laughter] Righto, well thanks everybody.


Everybody: Thank you, Jeremy [everyone blows kisses to each other!].


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Again, for further reading on the danger of pseudo idealism, we strongly recommend reading F. Essay 35, which is so significant it has also been produced as the standalone book titled Death by Dogma: The biological reason why the Left is leading us to extinction, and the solution, which is freely available on our homepage, as one of the WTM’s four key books.


And for further reading on the Transformation made possible by the explanation of the human condition, we recommend you read F. Essay 15, while ‘The 4 key presentations on how to become Transformed’ on the WTM’s Transformation Pagewhich include the content of Video/​F. Essay 33 as well as the content of this presentationprovide a step-by-step description of the Transformation process. We also recommend you read Part 3 of Transform Your Life And Save The World, or chapter 9 of FREEDOM.


And you can watch wonderful Transformation Affirmations from Tony Gowing, Annie Williams and Genevieve Salter (along with many other WTM members) in the Transformation Affirmation series that follows the final Freedom Essay. (You can also view these Transformation Affirmations at​transformation/​#transformation-affirmations.)


Discussion or comment on this essay is welcomedsee below.




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