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Freedom Essay 33


Jeremy Griffith on how to become transformed!


(Filmed in Sydney, 2017)


In Freedom Essay 15, it was explained that the finding of the biological explanation of the human condition makes possible the immediate transformation of your and every other human’s life from a human-condition-stricken state to a human-condition-free life of unimaginable happiness and excitement.

In this video, Jeremy Griffith discusses the Transformed State with two WTM members, and explains HOW TO ACHIEVE IT.


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The Transcript of this video


Jeremy: I’m here with two WTM members, Lee Jones and Brony FitzGerald, and we’re talking about the Transformed State.



So we’ve got understanding of the human condition now [see THE Interview and Video/​F. Essay 3], and we can understand the process of Resignation [see F. Essay 30], so we can understand the whole battle humanity has been involved in. So we really should have all the base information we need to actually become transformed, and yet becoming transformed can be very difficult.

People have great trouble becoming transformed, they get to a stage we call the ‘Mexican Standoff’ where they know the human condition has been explained so the need to validate themselvesto prove their worthhas been satisfied at the fundamental level and therefore they no longer need their old artificial ways of reinforcing themselves through winning power, fame, fortune and glory; that that’s all been obsoleted, so they should let all that go. But they’re habituated, having lived their whole life through power, fame, fortune and glory, the old artificial reinforcement systems, it’s very difficult for them to let all that go and become transformed. They get stuck in the Mexican Standoff where they can’t go forward to the Transformed State and they can’t go back and deny the human condition has been solved. They know this information is true and they don’t want to disown it, but they can’t accept the implications from it, that they should just let that world go and become transformed and live in support of this instead of their egos.

So this issue of becoming transformed is a huge issue. But again, we should have the technology now, in terms of the basic understanding of human behaviour and the whole issue of the human condition and all its different stages, to explain very clearly how to do it. We sort of need to have a course for people to attend to learn how to become transformed and we should be able to create such a course.

What I want to do today is try to describe as best I can how this transformation is possible, how to do it, the mechanism for becoming transformed, in very clear, simple terms, and all the stages along the way. So everyone, supposedly, from now on can do it. So that’s what this talk is about: to try to present a very simple description of how to become transformed so anybody can become transformed.


How we became egocentric seekers of power, fame, fortune and glory

The first thing I want to do is context all of this, explain the human journey that led to this state where we’re living through artificial forms of reinforcement, living through winning power, fame, fortune and gloryespecially for people who are new to this information and are just familiarising themselves with this whole new paradigm that understanding of the human condition makes possible for all people.

So we can now understand, with the explanation of the Adam Stork story [again, see THE Interview and Video/​F. Essay 3], that humans started out all-loving, all-sensitive, cooperative and selfless; living in a metaphorical garden-of-Eden-like state of cooperation that the bonobo chimpanzees are living on the threshold of [F. Essay 53 has a fabulous collection of mythological and historical descriptions of our species’ past time in innocence]this utterly cooperative state that was achieved through nurturing [see F. Essay 21]. And children come into the world now still instinctively expecting it to be like that, they have this happy and carefree demeanour. So here we’ve got a picture I’ve drawn of the childhood state of humans where they’re all loving, happy and cuddling.


A drawing by Jeremy Griffith of three happy smiling children in line, in a loving arm-in-arm close embrace


And here’s a photo of some children all smiling and full of happiness.


Soulful innocent happy children


But what’s happened since this incredible battle to understand ourselves began some 2 million years ago with the emergence of consciousness [see F. Essay 24], to use the Adam Stork story, is that Adam started experimenting in self-management and as a result of those experiments he became more and more ‘upset’. What’s amazing about the Adam Stork story is that it actually explains the good reason why we became ‘bad’, if you like; why we unavoidably had to suffer becoming angry, egocentric and alienated whilst we searched for knowledge. The search for knowledge could only be carried out if we were allowed to defend ourselves and defy the implication that we were bad. We had ‘to march into hell for a heavenly cause’ (Joe Darion, The Impossible Dream, 1965), lose ourselves to find ourselves, we had to suffer becoming psychologically upseta state of anger, egocentricity and alienation, competitiveness and selfishnessin order to find knowledge; until we found the ultimate knowledge, which was understanding of why we became so competitive, aggressive and selfish. Then suddenly all the artificial ways of reinforcing ourselves become obsolete.


The process of Resignation

So the Adam Stork story explains the good reason why we became so competitive and aggressive despite our original soulful state of being cooperative, selfless and loving. We’ve never been able to explain the human conditioncertainly not in an honest waywhy we lost our innocence, or became corrupted, or the ‘fallen’ state of the human race (to use religious terminology). Children come into the world and try to understand the wrongness of it; it’s nothing like what they instinctively expected, so from that happy childhood state they progressively become more worried and troubled by the imperfection of the world around them. And not only the world around them but they start to discover the human condition within themselves, that they are full of angers, egocentricities, insecurities, uncertainties, frustrations and indifferences to othersthey become preoccupied with their own pain. We recognise the ‘naughty nines’ where children are starting to protest about the wrongness of the world, but by about 12 or 13 years old the question of the human conditionwhy the world’s not perfect, why they’re not perfect, why they’re no longer cooperative, selfless and loving, why their instinctive self or conscience is offended by the way they arebecomes more and more troubling. They start to think deeply about it and get deeper and deeper into trying to make sense of the wrongness of the world and very quickly they learn that adults, for some reason, don’t want to talk about this imperfection of the world, because, in fact, they’re already resigned to living in denial of this whole issue. [Again, the process of becoming resigned is explained in F. Essay 30.]

So children going through Resignation quickly learn that they have to just wrestle with this unbearable issue of all the wrongness of the world around them and within them without the ability to discuss it with anybody. By about 14 or 15 years old this questioning gets deeper and deeper, and more and more depressing and confronting and unbearable. At a certain point, without the bridging understanding of our corrupted human condition, of why they’re not ideally behaved anymore and why the whole human race is in such a messed up state, it becomes too depressing to try to face that issuebecause if you can’t explain why you’re good when you appear to be bad you’re just going to end up in terrible depression; suicidal depression, in fact. When children reach the crisis point when they’re trying to face down the issue of the human condition (the human condition being the imperfection of human life and their own life) it gets so depressing that they have no choice but to block it out, to resign to never looking at that terrifying issue again.

Here’s a picture of the situation prior to Resignation. It shows an adolescent deeply trying to confront the human condition, brows furrowed. And our moral soul, our original instinctive all-loving, cooperative and selfless conscience, is condemning him, saying ‘You’re bad!’but he’s got no explanation for why he’s not bad, so he’s left suicidally condemned and depressed about his condition.


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith of our moral conscience being judgmental and telling our adolescent self ‘you’re bad’.


And here’s an actual photo of an adolescent, 14 or 15 year old, going through Resignation and in this horrifically condemned state, unable to explain and understand themselves.


A despairing teenager, alone, head in hands, crouched in a room going through Resignation.


So eventually the adolescent has to block that whole issue out and become resigned to living in denial of it.


The emergence of the egocentric need for validation that appears after Resignation

In the next drawing, the figure on the left represents the moment of Resignationhe’s blocking out this whole issue of the imperfection of life and his own life. The figure on the right represents what happens after Resignation. You take up this strategy to win power, fame, fortune and glory as a means of making you feel good about yourself, as a way of holding the condemnation at bay, as I will now explain.


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith showing a figure blocking out the ideals with an arrow to another figure reaching for a trophy


What’s so important to understand is that when you’re back here trying to understand [referring to drawing prior to Resignation], you’re looking for a bridging understanding that would provide the answer to your questions of ‘Am I good or not?’, ‘Am I fundamentally a mistake?’, ‘Am I some vile creature on this planet, or is there some actual or good reason for why we’re so messed up?’ ‘Am I an evil monster or could I possibly, in some extraordinary way, actually be good?’ And that’s the astonishing thing. The actual miracle of the Adam Stork story is that it’s such a simple story, but it actually explains how we are good even though we appear to be bad. How we had to suffer upset in order to find knowledge, that there was this conflict when we became conscious some two million years ago [see THE Interview and Video/​F. Essay 3]. From there on a battle emerged between our already established instinctive orientations and our newer conscious mind. We had to suffer becoming angry, egocentric and alienated in order to find knowledge. There was no way out of it. So that’s why anger, egocentricity and alienation, and denial, are actually good states and not bad states.

So that’s the explanation that he or she needed when they were going through Resignation. They were trying to understand, ‘Am I evil or not?’ If there was that reconciling, bridging understanding available, the Adam Stork story, they would have been able to know ‘Wow! I am actually good! That’s why the whole human race is so messed up. It’s been in the cause of good to find knowledge, ultimately self-knowledge, understanding of ourselves, understanding of the human condition! Wow, I’ve got a bridging understanding!’ But there was no understanding. But what’s significant is the adolescent is trying to understand if they’re good or not, right? They’re trying to defy the implication that they’re bad. So they’re needing validation of themselves or understanding of themselves. They’re insecure about their worth: ‘Am I good or am I bad?’ That’s the fundamental situation the pre-resigned adolescent is in. ‘I need to understand if I’m good or not. I’m feeling that I’m not, but I’d like to know if I am or not.’ So they’re needing validation, right? So when they resign and stop looking at that question, that problem still exists, there’s still an underlying insecurity in their life, they still need validation. Now, they’ve given up on trying to find the actual explanation and they’ve decided to block that whole issue outas well as their condemning instinctive conscience which is their soul. So that whole original innocent, loving world that we once lived in [referring to the images of childhood included earlier] is blocked out because it’s condemning of their current state of upset. They’re massively angry, egocentric and alienated, nothing like that innocent state anymore, and they feel ashamed of that, so they don’t want to admit that our species once lived in a harmonious, loving state.

But the need to validate themselves hasn’t disappeared when they resign. They’re still insecure, still uncertain about their worth. So whilst they’re not going to try to face the issue of the human condition anymore and think about it honestly, they still need validation. So what happens after Resignation, to satisfy their need that still exists to validate themselves, is they search for artificial ways of reinforcing themselves, such as winning power, fame, fortune and glory. They’re not the real way of reinforcing themselves, which would have been to find understanding, but they couldn’t find that so they had to resign themselves to just living off artificial forms of reinforcement such as power, fame, fortune and glory. That’s the way they are going to sustain themselves from there on, and they become very committed to that because that’s keeping the wolf from the door; it’s keeping away the state of terror that they’re possibly bad. The more wins they can get, the more reinforcement they can get through these artificial forms of sustaining themselves, the more they can keep that depressing issue that they might be bad away. Keep it away, keep it away! More wins, more wins!


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith showing a figure blocking out the ideals with an arrow to another figure reaching for a trophy


So they get really hungry for wins and reinforcement through these artificial forms of sustenance, and they become incredibly attached to that because they’re incredibly insecure; underneath it all they’re incredibly uncertain about whether they’re good or not. They desperately want to find some way of relieving themselves of that insecurity, that sense of guilt, that ‘badness’, that corrupted, ‘fallen’ condition that humans have suffered from since they became conscious and set out in search of knowledge some 2 million years ago. And so they’ve become incredibly attached to the power, fame, fortune and glory ways of justifying themselves and they’re incredibly wedded to that.


A life living through power, fame, fortune and glory

So we’ll go back over it again. The human race once lived in a cooperative, loving, happy, harmonious state [referring to the images of childhood above] and that’s duplicated in our own lives as each person’s life recapitulates or copies the whole journey the human race has been on. The human race was once innocent, and each individual started out innocent when they were young, then they struggled with the imperfections that have occurred in their life, the anger, egocentricity and alienation from their own search for knowledge and also from the effects of the accumulated, 2 million years of upset that’s in all the humans around them. So they become very depressed about it [referring to the images prior to Resignation above] and they struggle with this. And then they realise, ‘I can’t face this, it’s too depressing. I’ve got to leave it.’ So they block it out [referring to the image after Resignation above] and they take up these artificial forms of reinforcement through winning glory, symbolised by winning the cup, a whole shelf of trophies you’ve won.

You [Lee and Brony] are both very determined girls and you’ve got a lot of self-pride from all your successes. You went to university and succeeded there, you graduated and so on. Everything you’ve done in life has been successful, and that’s very important to you because it sustains your sense of self worth. So that gives you some power and glory, some reinforcement. So everyone, once they resign, gets heavily into building up as many trophies, in effect, on their shelf as they can to validate themselves.

Ron Barassi was a professional Australian Rules football player and he later went on to coach Carlton Football Club leading them to victory in the 1970 grand final. This is a photo of Ron Barassi jumping for joy because his team has won, so he’s got a victory.


Carlton coach Ron Barassi exalts in his team’s victory in the 1970 Victorian Football League grand final, one of the most memorable ever.


And you can see the relief, all of his support team are jumping for joy and he’s exultant with relief; ‘We’re winners, we’re fantastic!’, and that’s how insecure we are, how much we humans have needed that artificial reinforcement of power, fame, fortune and glory. We’re absolutely addicted to it.


The arrival of understanding obsoletes our artificial ways of reinforcing ourselves

So now we want to introduce a situation where this fabulous transformation can take place, which is what this whole talk is about.

The journey that the human race has been on for 2 million years since we became a conscious species has been to find knowledge, ultimately self-knowledge, understanding of the human condition. Why we’re good and not bad. That’s the ultimate bit of knowledge we needed. Now, one day we find it. In fact, that’s what’s happened and that’s what’s presented in my book FREEDOMthe explanation of the human conditionthe good reason for why we are good and not bad after all that we’ve been needing from day one, which we’ve never had. So one day the answers, the real defence for ourselves that we wanted when we were 13 or 14 that didn’t exist (there were some bullshit explanations for the human condition but they’re really artificial and we knew they weren’t real [see Video/​F. Essay 14 & F. Essay 40]), the fully accountable, real explanation of the psychological upset that we suffer from, is found. So these answers arrive and suddenly, clearly, they obsoletemake redundantall our artificial forms of reinforcing ourselves through power, fame, fortune and glory. They’re no longer necessary. They were artificial substitutes that we developed to reinforce ourselves while we lacked the real solution, which was actually understanding. We didn’t have this bridging understanding when we were young adolescents but its arrival now does fundamentally obsolete that artificial shelf full of trophies. That way of reinforcing yourself is no longer valid. I mean, it’s valid but it’s been replaced by the real defence for ourselves.


The ‘Mexican Standoff’

So that leads to what I referred to earlier as this ‘Mexican Standoff’ because you love your shelf full of trophies. All these things that you’ve spent your life building to validate and justify yourself are suddenly shown to be obsoleted and unnecessary. Not only that, but they’re destructive, that’s what’s destroying the Earth and the human race. There’s so much hunger for power and glory, and there’s so much competition for opportunities to get a win, that the whole world is collapsing in a messpolarised politics, epidemic depression, family breakdown, environmental destructionit’s just collapsing. There’s so much anger, egocentricity and alienation, so we need to stop that, and now we’ve got the means to actually get rid of it. It’s done its job, it found the answers, now it’s no longer necessary. In fact, it would be irresponsible to go on living through power, fame, fortune and glory now that we’ve got the real defence for ourselves. We don’t need the artificial reinforcements, they’re obsoleted.

The simple fact of the matter is that now that we’ve found understandingthe real defence for ourselvesthose artificial reinforcements are no longer needed, and, not only that, to carry on behaving that way and living off them as our form of sustenance would bring the Earth to terminal destruction. We’re on the brink of it anyway so it’s time we stopped all that and this is the real means to stop it because we’ve found the defence for ourselves. We needed to suffer becoming upset to find knowledge, and now that we’ve found it we no longer have to carry on like that, and it’s irresponsible to. The information, once you understand the Adam Stork story, says that, yeah, that way of living is obsolete and we should let it go.

Now, anybody that understands that, and you girls do, knows that this information undermines your artificial ways of reinforcing yourself because they’re now redundant and they’re unnecessarily destructive. They used to be constructive because we needed to suffer upset in order to find knowledge, but now that we’ve found knowledge it’s no longer constructive, it’s obsoleted. So, you can tick all those boxes, that way of living is finished with, and it’s high time we got rid of it, and now we can legitimately give it up, right? Stop it. But you’ve been living off this artificial reinforcement for so long that this is at odds with the way you’ve been living, so how do you give it up? This information says you should stop fighting for power, fame, fortune and glory, you should stop being competitive, and that puts you at war with the information.

There are actually three fundamental positions that people take up. There’s Plato’s cave of denial which he described as humans living in denial of the human condition [see The Great Guilt that causes the Deaf Effect and Video/​F. Essay 11], which is what you do when you resign, you block out and go and hide in this darkness so that you’re not confronted anymore. Then there’s the second position, this half-way land between the Transformed State (which is the third position where you let go of this power, fame, fortune and glory life) and the first position of Plato’s cave of denial. This half-way land is very difficult because it’s confronting and exposing you all day long with all these truths that you used to hide from and it’s undermining your ability to get a win because it’s proving all the time that those wins are no longer justified. So you’re at war with the information and there’s a massive inclination to want to retreat back into Plato’s cave of pure, total denial, block everything out and just live off your old trophies/​wins.

So you’re neither here nor there, you’re in the Mexican Standoff. You don’t want to deny the information and all the implications that you should give up the power and glory trip, but then again you’re so habituated to it and it’s been the validation for your whole life, you’ve built this castle of defence. You’re so proud of all these aspects of yourself, that you’ve got university degrees, etc.

Every minute of every day of a resigned human’s life is actually spent in total preoccupation with trying to validate yourself; the way you walk down the street; the way you say hello to people. They’re all efforts to try to make sure you come out a winner.

You see, there was a time when humans just lived out their competitiveness and anger and frustration but then we learnt that that was too destructive so we invented civility, which doesn’t get rid of all the frustrations, you just learn to disguise them but they’re there underneath. The volcanic frustrations of needing reinforcement and glory, your frustration with other people trying to steal your glory and whatever else. So we learnt to civilise them. So now we have to get our wins but not in a way that’s too destructive. So we say, ‘Good morning, Lee’ and ‘I hope you’ve had a good night’we try to say nice things but underneath there’s still this warrior state of trying to get a win. Civility only masked or hid the real combative self that’s underneath there. Once they resign humans are totally dedicated to trying to get as much power and glory as they can.


Cartoon showing two angry men hiding their anger behind civil masks


Then this information comes along and says that’s all over, you better give it up and then you’re at war with the information and you stay there. It’s very difficult to let it go and become transformed. From living in that competitive, aggressive and selfish framework to having a change of heart, from living selfishly to living selflesslybecause when you’re trying to win all the time that’s a very selfish existence, you’re selfishly preoccupied with trying to validate yourself. But now we’ve found understanding of ourselves you can give up all that selfishnessit’s too destructive of the worldand transform yourself to a state free of that embattled, human-condition-afflicted state; just become a free person, cooperative and loving because you’re no longer embattled and trying to prove yourself all day long.

But you can see that these two states are very much at war with each other because one state is deeply competitive, selfish and self-preoccupied and the other state is free of all of that and capable of being cooperative and sensitive to others. When people are resigned they are totally consumed with getting a win as I said. They posture all the time and pretend to be cooperative and loving and concerned for others but really, underneath, all they want is victory for themselves. It’s a tragic existence but everyone has learnt to civilise it. So you’ve got to get your wins now in a civilised way, a way that’s not overtly destructive of other people, but underneath there’s an absolute war going on. This information comes along and says that this great war machine that you’ve created and all these victories in your life that you’re so proud of are now obsolete; they’re no longer justified so you get into this huge wrestling match with the information. That’s where people get stuck with wanting to become transformed. They know they should become transformed, they should leave the wrestling match and become free.


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith of person jumping for joy beside disgarded crown, sceptre, sword and trophy in a pile


In the drawing above you can see they’ve left all that need for a win, all their trophies, their crowns, their ‘I’m-a-king’, ‘I’m-a-great-success-and-I’ve conquered-the-world-and-fought-anybody-that-got-in-my-way’ attitude; they leave their ‘I’m-king-shit’ toga and mace behind and become this free person, like William Blake’s depiction in Albion Arose below.


The painting, Albion Arose by William Blake, of a naked figure raising his arms in joy standing in front of a bursting sun.


That’s the Transformed State. When you know the Adam Stork story you can understand all that, you can tick all those boxes and know it’s all over, but actually becoming transformed has been a big problem. Later on, when there’s lots and lots of people in the Transformed State it will be easy because if you’re not transformed it will be like being caught wearing last year’s fashions; it will be such an obvious solution and way to live that everyone will do it. But at this early pioneer stage when there’s not a great momentum of people doing it, each person wanting to become transformed has to go through this wrestling match, this Mexican Standoff where they can’t go forward and they can’t back down. They don’t want to disown this information, but they sure as hell struggle trying to become transformed, they get stuck there. As I said at the very beginning of this talk, surely we can understand this well enough so that we can actually explain all these problems very, very clearly, so clearly that we can solve them. So now we’ve got the ace problem to solve, right here, defined. That is, how do you get this information to fit your resigned, competitive selfish strategy? How do you get a selfless, cooperative, loving strategy to mesh with this old embattled self? And the more you try to impose one on the other the more entangled you get and the more frustrated you get.

I remember yesterday Lee and I were talking about this and I was saying, ‘You get the idea?’ And she said, ‘Yeah, but the moment I think about letting my whole battling self go I feel like I’m capitulating’. Is that what you said Lee?


Lee: Yeah, I could feel myself going to that Transformed State and another part of me came in and said, ‘Don’t capitulate, don’t give in.’


Jeremy: ‘Don’t give in.’ Because you’re a very proud girl, you are, you’re very feisty.


Lee: Yeah.


Jeremy: So is Brony, very determined and that’s why you’ve been so successful in your lives. So that’s a perfect example: ‘I started thinking about going in that direction but immediately felt I’m being asked to capitulate.’ That’s the perfect evidence or description of this Mexican Standoff because your brain is thinking, ‘I’m being asked to give up all my successes and everything that I’m so proud of, give up on trying to be a winner but that’s an anathema, it’s something loathsome to me. I’ve spent my whole life trying to validate myself through being a winner and I’m so proud of that. You’re basically asking me to capitulate, to accept being a loser, in effect, to give up all of those trophies. But they are what I’m getting my meaning from, my sustenance from. So it’s a huge mental torturous tangle what this information is doing to me, it’s just working me over big time. I know it’s true, I know my resigned strategy is obsolete but the more I think about it, the more what you are asking just undermines my whole way of living. It’s an anathema, it’s unbearable.’ And that’s where you get stuck, right?


How to solve the ‘Mexican Standoff’ and become Transformed

Jeremy: So, what I want to do now is very, very important. I want to explain how you get unstuck. Because remember at the beginning I said we should be able to explain and solve all the problems along the way to becoming transformed because we understand the whole framework now so clearly. We understand Resignation, we understand the human condition, so we should be able to explain how you solve it. We can solve all problems now so how do we solve this big problem of the Mexican Standoff? I’m going to tell you how.

What happens is you don’t actually try to get this understanding of the human condition to mesh with your power and glory way of living. You don’t try to get one to fit inside the other, which is what you’ve been doing. That’s why you’re at odds with this. Even the words ‘at odds’ suggest that there’s a war between the two. That’s the mistake you’re making because what you do is you actually leave that whole wrestling match completely and go to another place that’s free of that wrestling match. The mistake you’ve been making is wrestling with this, trying to get this to marry or reconcile with or adjust to your old way of sustaining yourself. But in fact they’re incompatible, that’s the thing you’re missing. You give upeven saying ‘give up’ is inferring that you’re still involved with that battleyou just leave that whole war alone and you go and live in another place. You don’t try to mesh the two. You don’t try to get the two to work together. You see, that was what was completely wrong, trying to figure out how to modify your existing strategy to fit the new strategy. That’s the mistake. You don’t, you just leave that whole wrestling match alone. And once you understand that, it makes a world of difference. Whilst you don’t understand that, you’re forever trying to modify one to fit the other. It doesn’t matter which way you want to go, that’s where you’re stuck.

You need to realise that that’s completely wrong. You just leave that battle as is. The Transformed State has nothing to do with it; you go and live in a place that’s free of that battle. And as I’ll now explain, you’re not only free of it, you go and live for the project, live for getting this information to the world, and that sustains you, that’s what you live off in this fabulous state free of that egocentric existence.

That’s the critical thing for everyone to understand: when they’re in that war zone, they’re actually thinking about this incorrectly because there’s no war, you just leave it. You’re not even trying to get that battle to stop.

I scribbled this little drawing down before we started talking.


Drawing of a man up on a hill cheering on a battle below while over the hill is a liberated happy person in sunshine


It’s like you’re saying to your resigned competitive self, ‘Go for it, go for it! Get as many victories as you can, I’m barracking for you! [referring to the drawings on the left-hand side of the hill] Look, there’s a big stand of bamboo, go and cut some and make some good spears! Here’s a machete to sharpen them so you can make lots of spears to stab your enemies with and get lots of wins! Look, there’s a big rock over there, take your war elephants over there and sharpen their tusks on the rocks so they can spear people with them. Go for it! I’m all for it, go for your life!’ Far from trying to stop it you say, ‘I’ll even go up the side of the hill here and barrack for you, I hope you get a lot of successes.’ But then you say, ‘Look, I just need to go and get a drink of water and there’s a spring over on the other side of this ridge. I’ll just duck over there but I’ll be back, don’t worry, I’ll be back in a minute to keep barracking for you but I’m just going to duck over here.’ And you go over the ridge AND YOU NEVER COME BACK! And you’re in this totally free state, which is the Transformed State where you’re living for this and in support of this and it’s a wonderfully free state. But you haven’t resolved that battle, you’ve just left it. That’s an incredibly important point.

When you’re so preoccupied getting your wins you can’t see anything. In the resigned state there’s no room to experience the soul or anything because it’s such a preoccupation trying to validate yourself through winning power, fame, fortune and glory. Every minute of every day every adult that has resigned is posturing for a win; the way they go to the drinking fountain at the office; the way they look at their phone on the way; the way they say hello; the way they walk. Every second of every day is dedicated to trying to maintain their self worth, their validation and it’s totally preoccupying. It’s incredibly self-orientated and the more you’re self-orientated the less you can experience the real world around you. You really can’t experience what it’s like to be another person, you’ve got no empathy for others or for the wider world because you’re too self-preoccupied, that’s just what happens. Obviously when you get free of that you can start to see, for example, here’s a great flock of Birds of Paradise [referring again to the drawing above], and suddenly you can see it because you’re not self-preoccupied, so this is the most wonderful state to be in whereas in the self-preoccupied state you can see nothing, hear nothing, and you can’t empathise with anyone. Sure, you say, ‘Good morning Mariel, nice to see you, how are you?’, but you’re not really interested in what they’re saying. If you listen to a conversation between resigned adults they’re not really hearing what the other person is saying. They make some niceties and they say, ‘Well that’s very interesting’. One person might say, ‘I won my football match’ and the other person says, ‘Yeah, well I got a promotion at work actually’, and that goes on and everyone pisses in each other’s pockets and gives each other some sort of a boost, you know, all this sort of crap. It’s a totally fictitious world but that’s how fragile and insecure the human race has become and has been for a long time and so you can’t really experience the true world because you’re too self-preoccupied. It’s a tragic existence. But the Transformed State is a free existence.

So you come over here [over the hill in the drawing above] and you’re free. Here you are sitting on the hill saying to your resigned competitive self, ‘Go for your life, do what you like!’ This drawing symbolises that you’ve just left it…


Brony: Yes, you leave that state exactly as it is.


Jeremy: Yes, as is. You’re not trying to modify it, you just abandon it. Ok? That’s the mistake, whilst you’re trying to modify it you’re on a hiding to nothing whereas what it’s all about it’s just letting that go.


The Push and the Pull

Jeremy: There are two parts to becoming Transformed. There’s being pushed and there’s being pulled. The pull of it is obviously how wonderful it is. You can see these Birds of Paradise flying around that you never even realised were there. Sure, you joined the bird-watching club and you knew all the names of all the birds and all this sort of shit but you really couldn’t feel what a bird felt like or anything. You get a win out of remembering all their names and you have a big list of all the birds you’ve counted that day and you enter bird-watching competitions. Competition, see, trying to get a win, so even trying to go out and experience nature you have to get a win. Humans go bushwalking but then they race through the bush, like in orienteering, to see who can get there the fastest. It has to be turned into a win.


Lee: You don’t see any bush/​nature [laughing].


Jeremy: You don’t see any bush at all! Birdwatchers probably have no idea what it feels like to be a bird or to empathise with a bird at all. Everyone is just so punch-drunk for a win, it’s a tragic life. But everything opens up over here in the Transformed State.

So there’s the pull, the attraction of this free state and what I’ll talk a lot more about shortly is that you’re living for the future of the human race because this power and glory state has gone too far. It was necessary, we had to suffer becoming upset to find knowledge so it was valid, it was needed while we searched for knowledge but now it’s obsolete. So that was a valid existence, but it’s no longer a valid existence. Now that the battle is won we can all go to work for the new world and love it every minute of the day, so you don’t just wander over the hill and sit there doing nothing. If you don’t have some exciting thing to do over here you’ll drift back into the old state because it’s so habituated, so practiced. There’s a massive, very exciting world to live in over here so you embrace that. So that’s the pull, the attraction.

The push is the logic that says that the old state is obsolete. There’s another thing that pushes you and that is the obscenity of living in that state because it’s so destructive.


Drawing of a battle scence with a man holding a sword and spear, another on a war elephant and a slain men

Detail from the drawing above


So he’s treading on all his enemies and killing people with his selfishness and there’s blood and guts everywhere and there’s blood dripping from his sword, it’s just a horrible life.


Lee: Mm, you get sick of yourself.


The left-wing and right-wing

Jeremy: Yeah, you get sick of yourself, you’re obscene. You weren’t obscene when the battle had to be won but now that the battle is won, like at the end of a football match, everyone goes to the showers, and the greatest football match of all was to find this understanding and now that we’ve found it everyone goes to the showers and cools down, washes off all the upset which is all obsoleted. So, you can get sick of that upset state and want to get out of it because it’s just too destructive.

[As explained in F. Essay 35 and its book version, Death by Dogma], the feminist, new age, politically correct (PC), socialist movements and the left-wing are all false starts to a world free of the human condition because we still had to win the battle. To go around saying dogmatically that everyone should stop being competitive, aggressive and selfish was fraudulent because the battle hadn’t been won. If you read the Adam Stork story, at any time Adam could give up the fight, stop searching for knowledge, avoid becoming angry, egocentric and alienated and side with innocence and its cooperative, loving behaviour, but he would, in effect, be abandoning the battle. It would be irresponsible and cowardly. But this battle got so bad that in the end people just couldn’t resist giving up, but now that the battle has been won and we’ve actually found understanding, it’s on. This is the real abandonment to an upset-free existence, to a human-condition-free life. Those movements were exhausted, desperate, let’s-give-up-the-battle-even-though-the-battle’s-not-won, irresponsible, cowardly false starts. [F. Essay 35 describes just how dangerous left-wing dogma has become, and is such a significant essay it has also been produced as the standalone booklet titled Death by Dogma: The biological reason why the Left is leading us to extinction, and the solution, which is freely available on our homepage as one of the WTM’s six key books. F. Essay 36 describes how the legitimate transformation that is now possible is the only way to save Western civilisation.]

In fact, the right-wing was still supporting the need to win power and glory, and capitalism was needed to provide us with some reliefbuy ourselves some chandeliers, some fabulous clothes, jewellery, etc. It had some justification. The Adam Stork story explains that the right-wing is actually doing the right thing. The left-wing say they held the moral high ground but they didn’t. It was actually the right-wing that held the moral high ground and was doing the right thing, the strong thing, whereas the left-wing were giving up the heroic battle before it had been won.

Nevertheless, everyone who is too upset gets sick of it and wants to go back over here and side with soul. If you read chapters 8:16H–Q of FREEDOM [or F. Essay 35 or its book version, Death by Dogma] they will explain that of all the different pseudo idealistic causes or movementslike religion, socialism, feminism, environmentalism, postmodernism, the PC movement, the ‘Critical Theory’ movementreligion is by far the most honest because in religion it’s the truth and honesty of a prophet that you’re living in deference to because, still being exceptionally innocent, what he says is truthful so you’re still indirectly supporting the battle even though you’re too upset to carry on with it. You’re saying, ‘I’ll support you and you do my fighting because you’re a truthful, sound person whereas I’m no longer truthful. I’m dishonest and alienated’. So with religions and their emphasis on guilt you were being honest about the fact that you were corrupted by acknowledging the soundness of the prophet the religion was founded around. There was a certain emphasis on acknowledging the imperfection of your life but it was that honesty in religion that eventually, as humans became more corrupted, became unbearable. The honesty of religion became its liability, people didn’t want to be honest so they’ve come to hate religion because it stresses guilt and honesty about their corrupted state. But in fact, religion is the most honest form of pseudo idealism because the prophet represents/​is the embodiment of the truth, the cooperative, loving state and so you’re supporting the truth by supporting the prophet. [You can read more about the inherent honesty of religion in F. Essay 39.]


The religious transformation

Jeremy: The best exponent of the Christian religion in my mind would be the apostle St Paul. He’s a good example of someone who hated his upset self and wanted to get away from it, so he discovered the power and value of Christianity. St Paul was a very angry person and he was very angry about this innocent person, Christ, who was going around talking about all this truth, and the apostles who were supporting him. In fact, he was there giving support to the stoning of Stephen, an incredible apostle who wouldn’t deny or disown the soundness, beauty and specialness of Christ when everyone wanted him to. They got angry and started stoning him, and actually stoned him to death, but Stephen just stood there and said, ‘No, this person is a really special human and I’m living in support of Him and I’ll never disown Him [Christ], you can do what you like.’ It was an incredible act, it’s probably the one act in the whole history of the human race that saved the human race because his courage and demonstration of the beauty and soundness of Christ was actually what converted St Paul. It really impressed him because St Paul never met Christ. He was called Saul at that point; he was an intellectual who studied the Torah of Judaism, but he was a very angry person and didn’t like the honesty and truthfulness of this prophet, Christ. He was actually on a mission to go to Damascus to get permission to jail the apostles and get rid of them after Christ had been crucified.

So St Paul was on the road to Damascus on a donkey and he had this amazing conversion experience where he metaphorically fell off his donkey and went blind for three days. Now that we understand the human condition and the whole dilemma of living this brutal, competitive existence we can understand what happened. St Paul is one really angry dude and he’s really upset about this innocent person wandering around spouting all of this truth, not living in denial, but the thing is that when you hate and you retaliate and get defensive you’re actually aware that you’re doing it so there’s a self-loathing involved in being retaliatory and angry. So while he’s very angry, he’s also extremely hateful of himself and distressed about his extreme upset and he was so distressed that he suddenly felt, ‘I’d like to get free of that’. He remembered Stephen and this person that Stephen was prepared to die for who must have been an incredibly special human, an especially sound and honest person, and suddenly he ran the idea past his mind, ‘What if I live in support of this person instead of hating him?’, and at that moment he fell off his donkey because suddenly he was taken into this valley of freedom. He’s no longer in this battle, he was transported over the ridge into the next valley where he’s free of the human condition, he’s transformed, in effect. Christians call it a ‘conversion’; he’s ‘born-again’ from his upset state back to the sound, cooperative, loving soulful state.


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith of a liberated, happy person with arms outstretched with birds and sunshine over head

Detail from the drawing above


So St Paul is a perfect example of someone who was pushed across into this valley because he so hated himself and, I mean, you could live your life in support of a fence post or a rock or something like that, but that’s pretty pointless. But if you found someone who is incredibly honest, sound and secure in themselves and you lived in support of them because you’re really messed up and they’re not, then you’re going to be an effective force for good at last and that’s going to be a huge relief. That’s what St Paul realised and he took that incredible breakthrough/​realisation to the rest of the world and introduced Christianity. I think he was the person who really got Christianity going. He was pushed out of the corrupted state because it was too loathsome, too obscene and he couldn’t go on with it and he decided to live through supporting Christ because he could appreciate that Christ was so special, so pure and innocent, sound and secure; everything that he wasn’t but needed and wanted to be. So he looks after Christ and Christ looks after the world.

What is very interesting is that when Saul (again, as St Paul was called before his conversion) fell off his donkey, he obviously discovered something he hadn’t expected to. He went there pushed/​driven by the negative that he was feeling awful about himself, despising himself and hating his upset state, but what he learned when he gave up and suddenly deferred to Christ, stopped this wrestling match with his ego trying to get wins all the time, was that he was free of ego and suddenly he was walking on air! That’s why he collapsed in a heap and, metaphorically speaking, went blind for three days because he just couldn’t believe it, he hadn’t expected that. He went there to escape feeling bad about himself, he was driven by negatives, and discovered this massive positive, the pull, of what it’s like to be free of the human condition!

So that’s an example from the old world prior to the explanation of the human condition, where you could be driven to the new world, to a transformed or ‘born-again’ state as it’s described in Christianity, ‘converted’ from being a corrupt human to being a good human, good in the sense of cooperative and loving. That’s an example of someone who was driven through their obscenity.


The human-condition-resolved transformation

Jeremy: The same thing can happen with this information, as we have experienced in the WTM. The more people understand this information, the more they get stuck in the Mexican Standoff and the more they get to hate themselves for being stuck neither here nor there. They get really angry with themselves because they want to become transformed but for some reason they can’t. WTM member James West is a very competitive, combative sort of person, like you [Lee] and Brony are. Very feisty and determined, very egocentric, and James got to hating himself completely. The obscenity of living in support of this but not being transformed was just unbearable for him. He was working as an installer for a fencing company and he was interstate on a job and he got so distressed with the obscenity of his Mexican Standoff situation that he said, ‘Right, I’m going to put the next fence post in for the WTM and this project. It’s the only thing that can save the world so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m just going to do it for that, not for my egocentric self.’ So he put that fence post in out of sheer despair with his obscene state, then he suddenly started to feel that he could do this. He put another fence post in for this project not for himself, and he went on like this and he became transformed. So he got there through despising himself, a bit like St Paul, and then he discovered what it’s like living over here, as everybody does when they abandon the wrestling match, they discover it’s fantastic. They have a ‘fall off your donkey’ moment, because when people are resigned and competitive they don’t realise they are resigned, they just think it’s a natural state. They don’t know that their world has shrunk down to the size of a pea because they’re so self-preoccupied.


Lee: They’re cut off.


Jeremy: Yeah, but suddenly when they let all of that go they discover how wonderful it is to be free of that, and doubly so in our case to be living in support of the human-condition-resolved truth that will save the world. It’s just a fabulous state to be in. You can get driven or pushed there because of your hatred for your upset self and being stuck in the Mexican Standoff forever and sick of itor you can just get pushed there by understanding the logic that it’s all over. Let’s say you’re not a highly competitive person like James, you can understand that you are a resigned human and that, by definition, that way of living is obsolete. And it’s very important, as I’ve explained, that you understand that you don’t have to wrestle with it, you just leave it. Your resigned, competitive, power and glory-seeking, egocentric mind can do what it likes but you’ve got no interest in it anymore, it’s got no significance in your life, you just leave it, all your need for trophies and everything. [This is not in the video, but it should be clarified that the focus isn’t on giving up your possessions. We’re talking about a change of mindset that can have an effect on your priorities, which can affect your choice of possessions, but the focus isn’t on giving up possessions.] You just leave that ‘I-must-get-a-win’ way of living and go and live in this wonderful world that’s going to transform every human and it’s going to make the world of difference. You just embrace that and live for that and you leave that wrestling match and never come back. You don’t wrestle with it, you leave it. That’s the trick that was missing in the technology we had for the Transformed State. And then the world will start to open up, your sensitivities will grow, you can see the Birds of Paradise flying around you that you could never see before and you can feel the satisfaction that you’re saving the world because you’re helping this project in everything you do.

[This also wasn’t in Jeremy’s video presentation, but it’s an excellent summary from Jeremy’s writing in paragraph 1166 of FREEDOM of all the positive ‘pulls’ that come with becoming transformed: “Yes, the excitement and relief of being effectively free of the human conditionthe joy and happiness of being liberated from the burden of our insecurities, self-preoccupations and devious strategising; the awesome meaning and power of finally being genuinely aligned with the truth and actually participating in the magic true world; the wonderful empathy and equality of goodness and fellowship that understanding of the human condition now allows us to feel for our fellow humans; the freedom now to effectively focus on repairing the world; and, above all, the radiant aliveness from the optimism that comes with knowing our species’ march through hell has finally ended and that a human-condition-free new world is comingCAN NOW TRANSFORM EVERY HUMAN AND THUS THE WORLD.”]

The key that was missing in terms of the technology is this ability to stop wrestling with it and just leave it. The wrestling was all wrong, that’s where everyone got stuck and you don’t have to do that, you just leave it. You take up living for this information and what it can do for the world and that’s immensely satisfying but you have to make this realisation that that wrestling match is defunct, it’s not right. So Lee, when your response was, ‘I’m capitulating’, that was a classic mistake because that was saying, ‘This information is asking me to stop getting my wins, you’re asking me to capitulate. I’ve never capitulated in my whole life and I’m not about to start doing it now. So I can’t do that. I can sit here all day long wanting to get transformed but then I’ve got to capitulate and I don’t want to capitulate!’, and you get all of this noise, bbrrrhhhghh, in your head. It’s unbearable but that’s all wrong. You’re never going to get this stuff to mesh with that stuff, they’re too incompatible. You can’t modify your old world to fit the new world, you just leave it, but whilst ever you’re trying to modify it you’re on the wrong track. You just leave that and embrace this and then the world will light up like a Christmas tree. You’ll fall off your donkey and go blind for three days, you know what I mean? It’s just the most wonderful state.

This is a very interesting email from WTM member Tony Gowing that he sent us in response to a WTM meeting about trying to become transformed. He says, ‘When I hear the discussion in the meeting I hear a lot of talk that seems to go around in this sort of loop of seeing the human condition in the world and yourself and then working through the logic of all the pain and dysfunction being explained and the heroism of the resigned state and how we can now feel defended…’ It goes on and on about how all everyone is talking about in these Transformation meetings is about how you’re defended now, you don’t have to fight anymore, which is another way of saying it’s obsolete. You’ve got the real defence for yourself, so you don’t need to do it anymore. So Tony is saying, I hear all this endless discussion, this endless loop, and he just got frustrated with it. He goes on: ‘There’s certainly nothing wrong with all that, it’s all spot on, but I just keep having these strong feelings, that to really experience the Transformed State, you really need to move on from having to defend yourself endlessly [stop the wrestling match]. Jeremy has explained the human condition, we are all upset to buggery, but that state is heroic and is completely defended. FULL STOP. It’s over. We can now just move on and live in utter bliss. The bliss is stopping giving any focus to ANY of the shit in your head and starting focusing only on what you are contributing to this, what wonderful things you are doing no matter how big or small, that are contributing to saving the world.’ So Tony is onto the problem. He’s saying there’s something wrong with your Transformation meetings. There’s so much talk about being defended now and about how you can be honest about how corrupted you are. He says, ‘FULL STOP. It’s over. We can now just move on and live in utter bliss. The bliss is stopping giving any focus to ANY of the shit in your head’. So he’s onto this mistake you’re making and all I’m doing is trying to identify that mistake even more clearly.

Most of the rave Tony goes on with is about how wonderful it is over here in this valley of freedom, how attractive that is, the pull of that, and how stupid it is trying to stay in your resigned competitive world. But he said, there’s something wrong, you’re all staying there wrestling with, ‘I’m validated now and I feel defended and I can be honest about how corrupt I am, blah, blah, blah’. He says, ‘FULL STOP’, Capital S. T. O. P. ‘It’s over’, that’s wrong. The real Freedom from the Transformed State comes from living for the wonderful, magical, sparkling, incandescent future that is now available. The whole idea is that we can stop meddling/​understanding/​worrying/​being preoccupied with our resigned states [that’s all wrong to get preoccupied with all that crap. It’s all true that it was a legitimate way to live, go for your life supporting it, but it’s just finished with], “managing” our resigned states sure is available to us now on some level, but only in a very tiny way. The picture in my head is St Paul, and he is sailing on a ship from place to place to tell everybody about how wonderful his new way of living is [in our case it’s a totally free statebecause there was some degree of dishonesty in what St Paul was doing because he was abandoning the battle before it had been won, even though the battle was carrying on through Christ, so in St Paul’s case it was only a relatively honest way to go about abandoning the battlesee F. Essay 35 or its book version, Death by Dogma]. All he is thinking about all day and all night is just who he can tell next, how much wind is coming from what direction so he can get to the next destination as fast as possible, how many people he needs to put on the oars to make the boat cruise through the water as effectively as possible. He’s not sitting up the back of the ship having a cup of coffee, talking to his mates about how messed up he was and that he got a bit triggered here or there [which is what everybody in the Mexican Standoff says, that they got ‘triggered’ by this or that. As Lee said, ‘I got triggered by thinking I’m being asked to capitulate when that’s an anathema, I don’t like that’] or trying to understand himself or watch his weight or his ego or his realities or whatever. He is standing right up the front of the ship, looking forward the whole time, 100% of the time he is staring forward, encouraging the rest of the people on the boat that the faster they get there, the more people they can tell and the faster that the world will be saved. He is completely occupied with the only thing that matters on Earth. That is what he thinks about, dreams about, focuses 100% of his energy on. He just has to save the world. He loves it with all his heart and soul. It is all the incandescent energy pouring through his veins in waves and waves of excitement and energy.’

‘So when I hear [a WTM member] being talked to, I think that is what he needs to hear. You don’t need to go into your resigned shit ever again, just get to work for the new world. Clean up some rubbish, start sending $10 a week, cut your grass in your yard [just do something for the new world, get involved and get on with it]…​You have to move on, you have to start living in the new reality, and in the new reality, the old world DOESN’T EXIST [in capital letters, ‘DOESN’T EXIST’. I didn’t write that, Tony wrote that: ‘DOESN’T EXIST’. It’s just meaningless. Whilst ever you’re back there wrestling with that you’re wasting your time]. If you don’t move on, you can end up right where you started except instead of defending all your madness with cheap wins, you just have to do it going over and over the logic because you keep losing it. You never ever lose the logic when you live for this 100% of the time (2 Feb. 2016). He’s saying, if you don’t just go over here you’ll keep slipping back into that mode. You just leave it. You’re on a hiding to nothing if you don’t just leave it. Don’t wrestle with it, don’t try to modify it. Just leave it.

Here’s another one of Tony’s prescriptions of how to become transformed: Living for the future is what it is. Nothing can touch you there. It is absolute bliss thinking about it. That is where I gain all my strength and my energy from. The past is recrimination, the present is confrontation and the future is bliss [That’s pretty good Tone!]. The strength that striving for the all wonderful future gives me, needs to be used in the present to be able to confront the current situation honestly and to hold back the past…But working for the future means that the present is now completely meaningful. Living and working in the present and being as honest as possible about any current situation is the most important thing, but striving for the future is what gives us the strength and the clarity to do that’ (16 Dec. 2008). We can invest our trust in this information, we know it’s true and it will save the world if we just look after it. It’s the most wonderfully satisfying existence. [You can read another wonderful description by Tony Gowing of the Transformed Life in paragraphs 1256–1257 of FREEDOM.]

What did you write Bron?


Brony: That’s a wonderful articulation. I really got a lot out of realising that my feisty nature just wants to push me through into the Transformed State which is just trying to war my way there when it’s the opposite. You leave that old state and your mind shifts across to the new state and you just leave it the way it is. So I feel like I did that when you were explaining it to us the other day and I felt a deep sense of peace and relief and love spread through me. I could feel that really profoundly but at the same time I could feel the monstrous old self there wanting to reassert itself and it helps to understand to just go, go, go to the new world. Don’t hang around sort of sitting there with the two and whichever one could win at any time sort of thing.

I wrote that it’s the scale of this, the magnitude, the beauty, the totality, the incredibleness of this movement. This change for humanity. The joy that that brings, being part of ending all the suffering and cleaning up the world. It’s all about the future. It’s that vision and that reality that we’re actually truly a part of and that’s what takes me out of my personal wrestling match with whether my old state will reassert itself. I get anxious about that, that I’m going to lose it and then automatically I’m back in my old state. Because the scale of the beauty of what’s coming in the futuremy pain just can’t compete with that because it’s so big when you really go there and get latched onto the excitement and beauty of it, and it’s feeding that vision and practically contributing to that new world that’s coming that preoccupies my mind now and swamps the doubts and the fears and the ego and the noise and the feisty, habituated old state. I just want to focus on running there and filling myself up with that and preoccupy my mind with that rather than waiting for this to come in at any time, or giving this air time by worrying about it coming in, that sort of thing. Just following your and Tony’s counsel really helped me.


Jeremy: Yeah. Lee, did you follow all that?


Lee: Yeah, yeah, that’s awesome. Yesterday when we were talking and going…and I keep looking over there because it was very much going to a different place from this person. Afterwards, I went home and was just trying to capture/​articulate what I felt in that moment. It was interesting, I’m not in that state now so it’s a bit intellectual. I sort of saw it I think and then, like you said, I could see that state and then I had this noise come up in me, the capitulation thing. But I got a feeling for that state, of the relief and not this incessant fighting to try and validate myself. Just being able to not do that anymore and the relief in not doing that, and then starting to see the beginnings of the meaning there. Start to see that this is very hollow over here even though when I’m in it I don’t see that. But when I was going there, the noise, the ‘don’t capitulate’ and as I kept moving I had a deeper connection, that it was sort of my addiction, I suppose, habituation. Then it was more of a fear-driven thing where I just really felt this feeling of, ‘Lee, you can’t open yourself up again’. I’ve got this armour that looks after me because I think I can’t afford to be an open and trusting person again.

So that was really interesting and this old state was sort of throwing everything at me. I wrote down what I saw of the Transformed State and I wrote down what this noise was saying, they were the two main things but it was throwing everything at me: ‘Look, seriously Lee, you’re busy at the moment, you can’t be considering this, maybe later.’ So, and then I did get busy but like Bron said, and it really makes a lot of sense, you really have to move and go there and live there.


Jeremy: Yeah, well what did [WTM member] Jοhnny Bіggs say, you just can’t have anything to do with that terrorist.


Brony: You can’t negotiate with a terrorist because it’s just absolutely mad. You just can’t get anywhere with that resigned state because it’s just illogical and it’s belligerent and it’s mad.


Jeremy: Like Tony, Jοhnny’s saying, you can’t get anywhere trying to get them to mesh.


Lee: Yes.


Jeremy: That’s just the wrong way to do it. You don’t engage the terrorist. Like you, you’re having this war, these panic attacks that you’ll be giving up, that you’re losing yourself.


Lee: That it won’t look after me.


Jeremy: That it won’t look after you, but that’s just you’re resigned competitive self yelling at you to stay resigned competitive when that’s really finished with.


Brony: And feeling like that’s the only safe place to keep that pain away and I think from there, the thought of trying to let go brings sheer terror. But it’s actually just a mind switch and you can still have all that there but you actually just switch your mind and suddenly you’re cleansed, in this new state. And actually you’re not letting go in the sense of getting dragged down into some terror.


Lee: No, it’s all lies.


Brony: You’re just suddenly in a free state, free from that ego preoccupation.


Pseudo idealism

Jeremy: This transformation, being ‘born-again’, it’s a very muddied pool we’re wading out into where all sorts of charlatans have been at work. As I said earlier there’s so many false starts to the new world because everyone got too upset and every false prophet came along promoting some way to feel good about yourself. Basically they’re giving up the battle. So there’s a massive difference between this and all the pseudo idealistic movements like socialism and even religion, which is a form of pseudo idealism, albeit the most honest form, the safest form. Progressively, the honesty of religion and the emphasis on guilt about the corrupted state got too condemning. We wanted more guilt-stripped forms of pseudo idealism to live by [again, see F. Essay 35 or its book version, Death by Dogma]. So you’ve got feminism, you’ve got environmentalism where there’s no self involved you just focus on the environment, the PC movement which just dogmatically stresses cooperative behaviour, and the ultimate one which was postmodernism which says there’s no truth at all anyway so don’t worry about it. They’re increasingly dishonest and artificial.


Collage of images representing religion, communism, new age, gender equality, environmentalism and post-modernism

F. Essay 35 and its book version, Death by Dogma, describe the progression that has taken place
over the last 200 years to increasingly dishonest, escapist, deluded and dangerous forms of pseudo idealism


The thing is that when people watching this hear you talk about letting yourself become free of all of that, their brain will immediately be reminded of all these dangerous sects where people gave up their self and let themselves go and got themselves into terrible trouble. As I said, it’s a very muddied pool. This Transformed State has been badly discredited by all these false starts giving it a bad name, but you only have to study the information to see that this is all logic driven. This is the real start not the false start and you’ve got to be stronger than all the misreading about this being some sort of sect where people just give up their true self and artificially live and join a commune or some crap. This is the real deal. This is the real thing. You’ve got to be stronger than the intimidation from all the discredited and dangerous false starts. This is the real start.

So you’ve got the information to study and validate the truth of it [that understanding of the human condition has actually been found] and from there know that this is not a false start but the real start [to a human-condition-free world] and so living in the Transformed State is, in fact, the only responsible way to behave now. People try to discredit this, they hear things like you saying, ‘letting yourself go’ or something and they say, ‘there you go, that’s really dangerous’ and ‘these people will get in a really lost state’ and ‘they’re losing touch with reality’ and there’s been all these utopian dreams for centuries and they’ve led to all sorts of catastrophes where people go and live in the Amazon jungle and lose themselves. But this is logic driven, you can validate all the logic behind it.


Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘The Power of Now’


I brought this book along by a guy called Eckhart Tolle. This is one of the latest pseudo idealistic movements and this is his book, The Power of Now, and it sold millions of copies, probably tens of millions. But the idea is, you can see it in the title, The Power of Now, you give up the egocentric self, the same as what we’re saying, and you just live in the moment. Don’t try to worry about the past or worry about the future. You stop thinking, in effect. You just inhabit the moment and you will be freesimilar story, right? The Power of Nowliving in the present and not worrying about the past and not worrying about the future. [Jeremy reads from the back cover] ‘Surrender to the present moment, where problems do not exist. It is here we find our joy, are able to embrace our true selves and discover that we are already complete and perfect. If we are able to be fully present and take each step in the Now we will be opening ourselves to the transforming experience of The Power of Now.’ You can see what he’s doing, he’s going to solve the human condition by everyone just living in the ‘now’ and stop worrying. In other words stop thinking. But we are conscious humans, we wanted brain food not brain anaesthetic, we needed answers. De-braining ourselves is no solution. We needed to find understanding of the human condition and then and only then would it be legitimate to abandon that embattled, egocentric, power, fame, fortune and glory-seeking self. Tolle has no understanding of the human condition, no understanding of Resignation, no understanding that the great battle has been won, he’s got no knowledge at all. In fact, when you read it it’s totally avoiding thinking. Don’t think, don’t think, don’t think, pages and pages of don’t think. And then he’s created A New Earth!


Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘A New Earth’


So he’s saying, this is how we create a new world, we solve all the problems of the human condition by everyone just living in the present. Stop thinking. Basically, stop being a human. A human is a conscious being, that’s who we areconscious beingsso to give up thinking is to give up being human, it’s the ultimate cowardice, irresponsibility.

So that’s just the latest movement and he’s promoting that as a way to bring about a new world for the human race. It’s just totally fake. No wonder this idea that you can give up yourself has been given a bad name, discredited, because all these false starts have done it, these pseudo idealistic causes that are totally trash. They’re just so simplistic, there’s no understanding, he wouldn’t even know what the words ‘human condition’ meant let alone an explanation for it, let alone any biological reason for it. He wouldn’t have heard of Resignation or understand what happens to children and why they have to resign. So there is none of this underpinning information that actually makes transformation possible. He is saying basically forget reading, forget thinking, just live in the now. So you walk around and you say ‘I’m just going to experience the “now”, I’m sitting down, now my hands are feeling the nice cool glass on the table, now I’m walking around, now I’m doing this, now I’m doing that.’ That’s all they do. Stop thinking. So I imagine when you go and do one of their courses that’s what they teach you all day longhow to stop thinkingwhich is totally ridiculous. As I said, we wanted brain food, we want answers, not brain anaesthetic. Dogma got us nowhere. Dogma is the opposite of understanding. The human destiny and objective is understanding not dogma. Dogma is an irresponsible place to go. The left-wing is just hammering this pseudo idealism, everyone just give up the battle and be socialistic. For example, [the 2016 candidate for US President] Bernie Sanders says, everyone share everything, there’s no battle, everyone should just be good. It’s so socialistic. [As mentioned, F. Essay 36 describes just how dangerous left-wing dogma has become, and how the legitimate transformation that is now possible is the only way to save Western civilisation, while F. Essay 55 explains and evidences why pseudo idealism is so attractive to the Millennial generation and the extreme danger of that.]

So this Transformed State is a highly discredited, very muddied pool. But this is the real deal. So if anybody has any worries about that aspect they just need to study the information to see if it doesn’t stack upactually explain and resolve the human condition. They should read every paragraph and ask ‘Is that true?’ and tick it if it is true. There is nothing there that won’t stack up, and it will take you all the way to the explanation of why we do move to this valley of freedom. This is an incredibly discredited place, pushing ‘give up thinking’ as the way to bring about a new Earth is complete bullshit. It’s just complete cowardly abandonment of what it is to be a human, which is to be a thinking being and ultimately to think your way through to understanding why we are good and not badto solving the human condition. That’s our destiny and goal. The whole human journey of conscious thought and inquiry has been to finally one day be able to find sufficient knowledge to explain ourselves, understand that we are good and not bad. Before humans resigned that is what they were trying to make sense of. That’s what we had to find the answer to, why we are good and not bad, explain and understand the human condition.


Concluding remarks

Lee: Jeremy, sorry to cut you off but just when you were talking I thought, and I’ll try and articulate this. When I had that noise come in, the overwhelming thing countering that was how this information is so logical and so total and so complete in its explanation of the human situation. The power of this information trumps that noise. I remember when I was at university I studied anthropology because I was very interested in human evolution, and I majored in that, and did very well in it. I did know about this information at that time and it was just so streets ahead of what I was being taught at university. Literally, the phrase I had for my university studies about anthropology and human evolution (which is trying to bring together biology, geography and all the sciences to try and understand humans) compared to this information was ‘black magic’ [see Video/​F. Essay 14 & F. Essay 40 about the extreme dishonesty of mechanistic science]. Honestly, it was like the dark ages compared to this explanation. So having that knowledge underpinning everything, when the transformation is based on knowledge and not only knowledge but knowledge that proves in first principle terms that we are fundamentally good, just how powerful is that. Like when you talk about St Paul’s message being glorious and I know in myself when I meditate to calm my mind I get relief out of that, but the relief that is coming for the human race, and I just get glimmers of it, is beyond glorious and that’s all because it is based on first principle knowledge.


Jeremy: Yes, there is a world of difference. In fact, this information is so profound, so good, that the resigned brain that has lived in denial of the human condition, lived in Plato’s cave, can hardly read it. The ‘deaf effect’ is a huge problem for resigned people trying to access this [The problem of the deaf effect and how to overcome it is addressed in The Great Guilt that causes the Deaf Effect and Video/​F. Essay 11]. If you give this to a pre-resigned adolescent they can hear it because they haven’t yet adopted the lie, they haven’t blocked out, they haven’t done this [referring to the figure on the left]:


Drawing by Jeremy Griffith showing a figure blocking out the ideals with an arrow to another figure reaching for a trophy


They haven’t put that big block in. Because when you decide not to acknowledge that the human species was once cooperative and loving and instead go on and say we’re all competitive brutes trying to reproduce our genes and all that rubbish [again, see Video/​F. Essay 14 & F. Essay 40], you can’t think truthfully when you are full of lies. So when resigned brains try to read this, and it is acknowledging that we were once cooperative and loving, they can’t hear it because it’s too deafening, it’s too truthful, and their brain can’t understand why they can’t hear it. People write and say, ‘I know it’s English but I can’t take in what it’s saying’, and they blame the presentation, say that it is badly written and needs an editor and God knows what. But it’s the ‘deaf effect’. So not only do we need to have a course to get people transformed, we need to have a course to get people through the ‘deaf effect’ so they can actually start hearing the explanation and then they will discover, like you both did, how incredibly accountable it is and that it explains everything and then all the dishonest stuff, that we practised back in Plato’s cave of denial, is like ‘black magic’ compared to this. [In addition to The Great Guilt that causes the Deaf Effect, the ‘WTM Deaf Effect Course’ is explained in Video/​F. Essay 11; introduced in Video/​F. Essay 12; and presented in Video/​F. Essay 13.] This is so honest and so accountable because when you think truthfully you can make sense of everything. And that’s what FREEDOM is, it is quite a thick book but it deals with every aspect of human behaviour. It’s the definitive biological treatise on human behaviour, on human nature, on the human condition, in fact.


Brony: To suddenly be able to understand everything in the world, for me, was transforming in itself. I’m a million miles, even in a pre-Transformed State, from anything I was before understanding the human condition. You’re just catapulted into the most amazing new world in itself with this understanding, it’s just magical.


Jeremy: Well that’s what we want to show people when we set up courses to get through the ‘deaf effect’. We will tell them the Adam Stork story and then go over and over it illustrating its accountability. We will say, let’s take on any subject you likereligion, politics, men and womenand we’ll apply the explanation and after a while it will dawn on people how incredibly accountable this is. That’s how you and all the other founding members got interested, by going along to some Introductory talks and I would explain the Adam Stork story and then I would ask you to pick a subject, like ‘Why do girls have long hair and boys don’t’, or whatever, you name it and I’ll explain it. And this went on and on and on and after a while, not only did you discover how accountable it is, but it actually was eroding your ‘deaf effect’. You were getting used to dealing with this subject, this historically forbidden subject of the human condition.


Lee: The thing for me is, and I’ve been around this for many years, even in this talk there are times when you’re talking very honestly about me, like how competitive I am and things like that, and I can start getting a bit of a twitch and I can start to feel undefended and insecure. Particularly, as I’m not in the Transformed State, there’s a part of me that is still using my old resigned jig to defend myself. I logically know I am fully defended but in my heart I haven’t fully embraced that I am. So when I start getting that twitch I’m thinking, ‘Yes this is very honest and it is very truthful but for me in my resigned mindset truth has always been a very fearful thing. You can’t say those things about me Jeremy because it’s revealing that I’m this non-ideal, terrible person, what are you doing?!’ But I’ve learnt that this information is true, and sure, sometimes I can’t be emotionally fully connected to that, but if I trust the logic I know my upset is defended.

Jeremy is such an incredible person and the more you know Jeremy you know that, yes he’s completely honest and truthful and uncompromising but you won’t get a more penetrating, empathetic and compassionate thinker about the human situation and he has actually solved it so it is safe. Even when I get my twitch [get triggered] and think, ‘Oh maybe it’s not safe’, I know it actually is and I know I can trust in that truth. Obviously, I have the benefit of knowing this information is true because I’ve studied it and so that helps me and I can use that to calm myself so I can actually listen to what is being said instead of becoming defensive and that helps me go on the journey that Jeremy is talking about.

[This isn’t in this video but it is something relevant here that Jeremy has said elsewhere about being transformed, which is: “Sure, there is a lot of exposure to have to face, the truth can’t but reveal all the liesbut that really doesn’t matter at all because we can leave all that behind, we just live for the new world and focus on supporting that and leave all that stuff about the confronting nature of this to the exceptionally secure amongst us to deal with.”]


Jeremy: The big thing for this talk is to understand where everyone has been stuck trying to become transformed. Tony was on to it in what he wrote but I think we needed to stop and really nail what the problem was. Why do people keep doing this loop as Tony referred to it‘Look I’m defended now and I can be honest about who I am’ and all that stuffbut that attitude is still in this wrestling match with the information. You are never going to get anywhere. They are incompatible. It’s just too big a difference, you’ve just got to leave one, leave it and go to this other and embrace this other and live for the incredible excitement of being able to work for the human race now and this will solve everything at last.

St Paul had two great discoveries. One was what it’s like to be free of his ego; he fell off his donkey: ‘I can’t believe it, I’m just floating on air, it’s such a relief. What a wonderful existence. I didn’t realise how preoccupied I was trying to get a win out of everything.’ And the second thing he discovered was that he didn’t have to wrestle with it, you just leave it, you just move to this other place. So I think that’s covered all the angles we had to cover so I think that’s a wrap.


We can transcend our upset now, and heal it later over generations

Jeremy: Brony wanted me to mention that this information is the reconciling understanding so it will heal all psychosis. Psychosis can be healed with understanding but normally you have to go into therapy and dig up all the pain that happened. For example, that your mother wasn’t there when you were a child, or whatever happened, and then you could put the bits and pieces back together in a proper way instead of using denial and block-out to cope. You can dismantle the psychosis and neurosis with understanding. Now that we’ve got the ultimate understanding of the human condition, supposedly we can dismantle all the psychosis, and it’s true we can. But just as I explained, to try and dismantle a small psychosis in a human life takes a lot of therapy.

So this will heal the whole human race, but it will take generations. To use this understanding to heal a person’s psychosis you’d have to take them into therapy for months on end and look into their past and ameliorate all their different pains and make sense of all the upsetthat’s why women were ill-treated by men, or whatever the issue isand dismantle it all and there would be just so much to explain and it would take so much time. Why your parents were so angry, egocentric and alienated, there would be just acres of stuff. As I explain in FREEDOM (pars 1160-61), this understanding does give us the means to heal all our upset but we can’t, in practice, hope to heal it in our lifetime; howeverand this is all-importantwe can immediately know that we are all fundamentally good and not bad and legitimately decide not to think about and live in accordance with the upset within us. We can simply leave that way of feeling and thinking behind and adopt the new way of feeling and thinking that is now available where we live in support of a reconciled, non-aggressive, non-competitive, truth-based new world for humans. Living for the new world enables the full healing to occur over generations, where new generations coming in will be given a bridging understanding and they won’t have to resign. That will be a massive change in itself. So this is a generational process to get out of the human condition, to rehabilitate the human race. But the amazing thing about this Transformed State is you can effectively leave it all behind and just go there and become transformed. This is a somewhat artificial thing to do to just go and leave that embattled self, which has all these preoccupations with pain and misreading (that drive you to try and prove that you are good and not bad) that underlie all the insecurity of this condition, and you’re just leaving that unresolved. So this is an artificial step to take but this generation can do that, leave it and trust future generations to dismantle all the psychosis. We can all be immediately, effectively transformed from the human condition, free of the human condition, by just artificially letting it all bewhich is how religions and the New Age Movement and Tolle and all those people do it. They’re all artificially leaving it unresolved, they are transcending their real upset and just leaving it unresolved. This does the same thing. So in that respect this is similar to a religion or a New Age Movement but in every other respect it’s not similar because this is based on understanding that the battle to find understanding is won and it’s legitimate now to give up the battle and so on.

This resigned competitive person in my drawing could be made free of the human condition but it would take a lifetime and more to dismantle all their mess, all their psychosis, but they can be immediately free and leave that to the next generation and the generations to come to heal it all. Everyone can be immediately free of the human condition by leaving it finished with. Just put it in a suitcase and leave it and then get on with supporting the new world. There is some artificiality in that, because their underlying psychoses are not being fixed up, but that’s alright. They can just leave them and future generations can produce humans that are completely free of psychosis. So this is transcending their upset self artificially and leaving it unresolved but there’s nothing deluded about that because it’s totally legitimate, it’s based on understanding.


Brony: It’s honest, we are supporting the truth about how upset we are and that the human condition is over so it’s all grounded in honest logic, there’s no new age delusion involved.


Jeremy: That was an important point.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


For further reading on the transformation made possible by the explanation of the human condition, we recommend you read Part 3 of Transform Your Life And Save The World, or chapter 9 of FREEDOM, or F. Essay 15. There are also ‘The 4 key presentations on how to become Transformed’ on the WTM’s Transformation Page, which provide a step-by-step description of the transformation process.


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